A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 15) – Olumide Fatunsin

When she closed the door, Camel rose up and pointed her phone at her. She collected it and checked who had called. Her Pastor had called and she knew he had a message for her. Pastor Abraham was known for his accurate prophecies and discipline. She decided to call him immediately against her fears.

“Sister Angela, I saw something precious to you being kept somewhere far away from your location. You need to do something fast to avoid losing it forever.” He revealed to her.

Angela sighed deeply and confirmed what he had revealed to her. She feared to ask him for the steps to take. While still thinking about it, Pastor Abraham asked her to meet him for special prayers. Her heart almost jumped out when he told her about prayers. Camel noticed how troubled she was but he decided to look away. After the phone call, she sat with her head bowed.

After a while, Camel informed her about his decision to flee the city. Angela’s face sparked with eagerness to know the whereabouts of her daughter.

“Why? You knew something about my daughter. Right?”

“I was only informed she would be taken away from here but the exact location isn’t known to me. The men are selfish and…”

She interrupted him, “Selfish? How? But they didn’t demand for any ransom or whatever? Is there anything I need to know? Tell me!”

“They wanted to settle a score and the door of opportunity is already opened.”

Angela tried to recollect something but shrugged it off. She wished him a better future without asking further about her daughter. Camel gave her his phone contact and promised to inform her of any clue about her daughter. Camel left her house with a smile and comforting words for her. She thanked him as he closed the door. As she thought of Tony, Kate and her daughter, few drops of tears filled her eyes.

When she was about to go to the bedroom, she received another text message asking her to surrender herself in exchange for her daughter. With her heightened tension, she decided against her will to visit Pastor Abraham. When she got to the hotel room, Pastor Abraham opened the door for her. She was already in tears when he hugged her and told her to be comfortable in his presence.

“The Bible says there is fullness of joy in the presence of God. So, it’s my duty as a prophet of God to spread God’s love and joy.” He said with a broad smile showing his gap-toothed expression.

Angela sat there helplessly waiting for his next prophetic command. This wasn’t her first encounter with him and she dared not reject his prophetic command.

“It was revealed to me when you told me you’re on the way that our prophetic body contact today will usher in heavenly support to locate your precious daughter.”

Angela was shocked when he mentioned her daughter. She was already on her knees ready for the next instruction when he told her the prayer session would last through the night. She remembered vividly the last time she came and the prayer session was a painful one. He had strength for a rough play and always cited the biblical samsonic strength in his body system. She dared not question him because the day Sister Patricia challenged him was the beginning of her sorrows as he placed a curse on her.

At midnight, when she opened one of the wardrobes, she found…

To be continued in Episode 16.

Olumide Fatunsin

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