A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 14) – Olumide Fatunsin

They went inside to ascertain the true situation. As soon as they entered, Camel smiled at them and came downstairs to meet them. One of the policemen fastened his eyes on him but Camel turned to the other policeman to answer the questions.

“Everything is fine here.” He said firmly.

Angela prayed silently that they wouldn’t ask questions that would implicate her. One of them asked for her daughter when he saw their photo hung on the wall.

“She’s doing fine.” She replied as her heart bled for hiding the truth from them.

After they had searched the rooms, they left. Angela heaved a sigh of relief as she sat on the chair. Camel sat opposite her and narrated his own story.

“Like I said before, I came into this country after risking my life through the desert. It was a tough experience for me until I found myself in the company of some men who promised to make life comfortable for me.”

Angela listened with her chin resting on her right hand.

“I promised to serve them until I was fully integrated into the system. But I made the biggest mistake of my life by trusting them.” Camel stopped when he perceived she wasn’t paying attention to him again.

“Ma’am, is everything fine with you?”

Angela looked up and fastened her eyes on her photo with her daughter.

“Is this Annie?”

“What? How did you know her?”

“I’m Thomas but I was given Camel as a new name because of my desert experience. I don’t know what came over me when I saw the policemen. I had earlier been given instruction to implicate you.”

“Implicare me? How? Who? Who gave you that instruction?” She asked.

“They never thought you’d arrive home earlier than the stipulated time. I was planted here to implicate you in the abduction of your daughter.”

“I’m not getting it. How? What do you mean?”

“They changed their plans by hiding me in that room. I believe one of the neighbours called the police against their plans…”

Then the doorbell rang and Angela went to answer the visitor. Mr Lucas, one of her neighbours informed her that he was the person who called the police when he suspected some strange activities in her house. She thanked him and asked after Lise, his daughter. Lise and Annie were both 5 years old and friends. She quickly dismissed him when he wanted to ask after her daughter too. She knew Mr Lucas could take it up if he suspected anything. He once called the police when Bram, another neighbour fought with his girlfriend. Mr Lucas hated injustice and any appearance of it.

When she had closed the door, Camel rose up and pointed…

To be continued in Episode 15.

Olumide Fatunsin

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