There is an evil trend that is growing now in our Society.

What hurts me deeply is realizing we are allowing it plant itself in the Church.

People who are very benevolent in giving in church, family and society but made money through fraud are being celebrated.

We see young men suddenly possessing wealth and coming out to give in our services yet no tangible trace of how such money is made.

Of course these fraudulent people give heavily to their Pastor to try to blind his eyes to the evil of how this money was made.

Sometimes the Pastor, family members or friends may be unaware of what’s really going on at the beginning but in time they can’t continue to deny knowledge that they are unaware this money was made through fraud.

Let’s repent!

We shouldn’t be celebrating givers whether in church, our families or the society who made money from fraud.

Politicians who stole Govt money, Contractors who made it fraudulently, Yahoo boys and others who made money from fraud fall into this category.

We are wrong if we fail to teach and stand up for the truth that making money through fraud is ungodly and sinful.

Let’s celebrate those who give sacrificially at their level. They may not have so much to give but being willing and cheerful to give is worth celebrating.

If we keep celebrating those who made money from fraud, that makes us partakers of this rising evil in our land.

Certainly God’s judgment is coming and we need to repent before it becomes too late.


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