A THIN LINE – Olumide Fatunsin

That moment a sister started bleeding again and the brother looked at her helplessly and said, “What do we do now? I’m tired of this game.”

Nancy beckoned to him to lift her up from the bed. Disgruntled Jerry managed to lift her up and whispered to her, “Let’s visit another Doctor.”

So weak and disappointed, she agreed to his proposal. He cleaned her up and steadied her on her feet and gently led her to his waiting car. They left for a nearby city.

“Don’t worry! I have been in this professional business for the past fifteen years.” the doctor assured Jerry who was a bit afraid of what might happen next.

“Thank you very much.” he said as he signed the form the doctor gave him.

Later that day, she was discharged with a strict warning from the doctor, “Take your medicine and be careful next time!” Jerry and Nancy looked at each other and thanked him.

On their way home, Jerry asked how she was feeling but she didn’t respond. When they reached the roundabout near her house, he asked again how she was feeling but there was no response. He looked at the mirror to discover she has already slept off.

He opened the car and gently tapped her to wake her up. She was too weak and deep in her sleep. He sat beside her in the car with occasional tap to wake her up until she was able to respond with a weak voice.

He held her and led her gently into her apartment. As she lay on the bed, he stood there wondering how their courtship has turned the other way. He remembered how they used to pray and go out with other brethren for evangelism with testimonies of salvation and deliverance from the strongholds of the devil.

Jerry stood there with drops of tears from his eyes. Nancy slept like a baby with a relaxed face unlike the previous two days groaning in pain after the abortion. Like a thunderbolt, a verse of the scripture flashed to his sinful heart, “How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!” (2 Samuel 1:27)

He broke down in tears again but without any trace of repentance. His heart has been hardened as a result of their repeated fornication and three abortions. Jerry still held on to his position as the Sunday school coordinator while Nancy still standing with the choir to minister every Sunday.

Their problem started when Jerry complimented her about her beautiful appearance and her voice. Nancy didn’t take it serious then but his constant compliment about every part of her body began to sink in until the rope of lust tied them together.

It was a normal practice to separate into two groups during their Sunday school but more members were always drawn to Jerry because of his grasp of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Someone once asked a question on eschatology. Wow! The way Bro Jerry rode from Genesis through the street of Daniel, along the highway of Amos down the road to Zechariah. He jumped the queue and continued to the tax coven of Matthew, until he reached the love abode of John and read through the writings of Paul until he got to the end. He grabbed the book of Revelation and solved the problem with a spiritual quod erat demonstrandum (QED).

Though, Nancy wasn’t the choir leader, she has a special grace of bringing the penitent to the altar through her songs. One of her spiritual leaders in the church once asked her hand in marriage but she politely refused. When her Pastor asked her for the reason, she said she wasn’t led to him. Some brothers within and without her church even asked for her hand in marriage but she refused.

Behind that rigid and serious spirituality was a soft heart yearning for sweet compliment and love. Jerry capitalised on that and pursued her to the cave of lust. Once there, they allowed the darkness of lack of watchfulness to envelope them and they sank into the sea of immorality. Their first contact led to pregnancy and they weren’t ready for it and their reputation was at stake.

They aborted it and promised never to be together again. Unconfessed sin has a way of dragging one back into the pit again. They fell again and the cycle continued despite several warnings from the loving God. The fourth abortion really shook her to the marrow and she wasn’t pleased with Jerry.

She has pleaded with him not to abort her fourth pregnancy but he threatened to leave her. God showed her the future of the unborn child in her womb who would have become a great evangelist. When she told Jerry about the revelation, he shouted her down and warned her never to mention it again.

Nancy rose up after midnight while he slept on a chair beside the bed. She asked him to leave her room.
Jerry didn’t utter a word until he reached the door, “There’s nothing good left in your body again. Let’s call it quits. Bye”.

Nancy snapped back in anger, “No woman will marry you!”.
Jerry laughed and slammed the door behind him.

After a while, Jerry left the shores of the country for The Netherlands in pursuit of his career. After four years, he met a young lady who was living in the neighbourhood and attending the same church with him. Jerry fell in love with her and things began to fall in place. Lisa’s parents were wealthy and ready to sponsor the wedding. Also, they promised to help in securing a better job for him.

He informed his parents, pastor and the wedding preparation began. In less than two weeks to the wedding, Lisa developed a cold feet and deep hatred grew out of nowhere. She informed her parents that she wasn’t ready to go ahead again. Thus, was the wedding cancelled. Jerry begged her with tears but all to no avail.

One of his friends came visiting one day and asked him, “I suggest you visit your country and appease the gods of your ancestors”


“This is the fourth lady who has disappointed you. I kept wondering if you are normal at all? Collins asked him.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I know it is God’s will. God is aware.” Jerry said reassuringly.

“Really? Let me ask you a question.”

“Please, go ahead.”

“Can you perform? I mean, Are you sure of your bedroom power? Can you…”

“Shut up! What do you mean? I have impregnated a lady before and you are asking me if I can perform. Mind your tongue!” Jerry cut in.

“You? Impregnated a lady? I don’t trust you. Anyway, go and appease the gods.” Collins said.

Later that day, Jerry began to ruminate over what Collins told him and about his sorrowful state. He was ashamed that an unbeliever could suggest such an ungodly solution to him. He began to pray for God’s mercy and guidance. However, he never mentioned his past to his Pastor who once asked him because of what the Lord revealed to him.

Later that year, he decided to spend his holiday in his country. On getting to the airport in Nigeria, his younger brother came to pick him. In an attempt to drive out, he hit a car behind him. A pregnant woman came out to inspect the damage but it was a minor accident. Tony spoke roughly with her blaming her for the minor accident. To douse the tension, Jerry came out of the car. As soon as he came out, he saw the pregnant woman trying to explain herself to his younger brother.

“Nancy! Nancy!!” Jerry called her.


“My God! Longest time! How are you?”

“I’m doing great! She replied.

“Don’t mind my brother. He was so happy to see me after some years. And you?”

“I’m here to receive my husband who will be arriving from the US in the next 30 minutes.”


Her twin daughters came out of the car to hurry her up.

“Are these your children?”

“Yes! These are God’s precious gifts for me and my darling and caring husband.” she said boastfully.

Jerry couldn’t take it anymore. He asked for her phone number and promised to call her later.

Jerry couldn’t sleep comfortably that night coupled with the hot weather of Nigeria. He saw the clear difference between him and Nancy. After three days, he decided to meet her in the company of his Pastor and his wife. Nancy invited them to her house including her husband who encouraged her to change the venue to their house.

Jerry prostrated and asked for forgiveness. He begged her to pardon his excesses and fake visions he used to deceive her. Nancy’s husband who was privy to the whole story told him how she opened up to him during their courtship and how he encouraged her to forgive Jerry.

“Though, it was difficult, she forgave you anyway in order to build our relationship on godly foundation” Mr Henry said.

The Pastor and his wife pleaded with her to pray for him once again and cancel the curse.

“Father, I have already forgiven him. I hereby cancel the curse upon him and I decree fruitfulness and progress in all areas of your life in Jesus name. You are blessed and free indeed in Jesus name” she prayed.

Everybody chorused, “Amen” with Jerry’s voice the loudest out of them.

Nancy with her protruded belly cooked and entertained them. After dining and wining, her husband showed them a new movie titled “A NEW BEGINNING” by The Overcomers Evangelical Ministries International and they were really blessed after watching the movie. He even told them about the YouTube link, “Toyin Eso-Fatunsin YouTube channel” to watch more godly movies.

Just two weeks after that, Lisa called him and promised to marry him. It was like a dream. After three days, Jerry took a flight to Amsterdam. From there, he boarded a train to Rotterdam to meet her.

“Lisa, will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she said with tears of joy.

He shouted for joy as if he has won an Olympic medal.

“Is that all? Lisa asked him.

“What again? Oh, your Nigerian groundnut?”

“Of course!”

“Don’t worry, I may chatter a plane full of groundnut for your special wedding gift.” Jerry said jokingly.

“No problem. I will sell it and make a lot of money from it. You know what? I will sponsor our trip to Barbados for our honeymoon. How about that?”

“That reminds me of my surprise package for our wedding and honeymoon.”

“Which package?

“Close your eyes!”

Jerry brought out an envelope and gave it to her, “Here is one of the packages.”

“L – Love is our password
I – Integrity is our value
S – Selflessness is our motto
A – And God is our Anchor

I love you, LISA”.. She read it aloud.

They got married later and God blessed them with unlimited joy and peace.

Beloved, some people aren’t yet married not because of the powers of darkness but by their own evil acts and unconfessed sins.

Before you blame the devil, check yourself.

Have you used and dumped an innocent man/woman before without any repentance?

How about the secret abortions?

How about the secret immorality and you refused to repent?

How about that innocent young girl you threatened to kill if she report your illicit sex or romance and she cursed you?

The Bible says in Numbers 32:23 “But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Confess and repent of whatever evil you might have committed. God is merciful.

You can restitute your way. Ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged.

Some of them may still be annoyed and that may hinder your progress in life no matter how many mountains you go to and pray.

Humble yourself and call him/her to forgive you. God is merciful and He still wants you to seek forgiveness from your fellow human beings.

In any way the Lord may be leading you, please, go ahead and do it. It is for your restoration.

Your marital life is important to God. However, He wants you to build your marriage on godly and true foundation.

Please, don’t abort that pregnancy. He/she may be the next Billy Graham/Catherine Booth of our generation. God loves you.

God can still turn around a broken courtship to prove His awesomeness if it is His will.

There’s a thin line between a righteous act and unrighteousness. Jerry and Nancy weren’t watchful and they fell. Be watchful!

Follow God and His presence and blessings will follow you. It pays to serve Jesus in truth and holiness!


Olumide Fatunsin

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