Mind Boggling News!

*Bishop Oyedepo leads others to give to massive project.
*Massive Jobs for villagers.
*Spends hundreds of millions of Naira to distribute palliatives in 30 States of Nigeria apart from 14 Countries.
*Prays that the churches will become solution centres.

Bishop Oyedepo has announced that 9,250 churches will be built in 2021 without stress. According to him,

“This year’s Shiloh sacrifice is dedicated to the building of 9250 sanctuaries in the countryside/hinterland.

We are building for Jesus in those villages and to give them a sense of worth (Massive Jobs for Villagers).

Cost of Building.
1. 100 seat capacity sanctuary-14 Million Naira
2. 150 seat capacity sanctuary-16.5 Million Naira
3. 200 seat capacity sanctuary-19.4 Million Naira.
4. 300 seat capacity sanctuary-25.2 Million Naira.
5. 400 seat capacity sanctuary is 35.8 Million Naira”.

According to the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church during the early morning impartation service of Saturday 12 December 2020, “We gave hundreds of millions in servicing palliatives across the Nation and across the nations of the world. We bought major things to help like ambulances and all that.
So you wonder why we don’t have stress?
We don’t have stress because we have an understanding of the covenant?
It keeps working” the Bishop stated.

The 66 year old Bishop prayed that the churches or sanctuaries would become solution centres for humanity.
He added while blessing the people who gave willingly according to scriptures:

*There is no one that partook of this sacrifice that will struggle to build a house. Many people will come out of their own houses before Shiloh 2021.
*There is no one that participated with His precious seed, it may look small in the eyes of men, your precious seed who will not return with rejoicing. Many will return with tears of joy. Many will be on the floor sobbing.
*My God will turn the captivity of everyone that partook of this sacrifice.

Father we present these sacrifices before you, let it be a sweet smelling savour before your throne and let curses be averted like you did in the time of Noah.
Let the heavens over your people remain open; make between now and Shiloh 2021 an era of surprises, an era of unquestionable turnarounds, an era of tearful breakthroughs.
Let this sacrifice be acceptable to you and let the returns be profitable to us.
Lord, let these sanctuaries be built without stress.
Let no fraudster come on the line.
Anoint every Builder that will build those sanctuaries.
Bless every village, every hamlet where these sanctuaries are built.
Let them become solution centres indeed serving the needs of those local individuals in the name of Jesus.

Be blessed in return. Thank You Jesus.

Courtesy: Church Gist

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