#Shiloh 2020 Day 4: Fourth Teaching Title: Crave Access to the Rhema of the Word for Turnaround Encounters – Bishop David Abioye

Fourth Teaching Title: Crave Access to the Rhema of the Word for Turnaround Encounters.
Minister: Bishop David Abioye

What God shows to you is what turns you to a show in your world.
Satan is not the reason you are in a hole; blindness and deafness are.
Destiny is at a risk and on a lockdown without the voice of the Lord.
You can never remain a nonentity when God’s Word comes to you. His voice turns you from a nonentity to a celebrity.
When you hear what God is saying and see what God is showing, you graduate from faith to trust.
You do not fast for things; rather you fast for God to open your eyes so that light may break forth in your life.
Find out what is written in the Word about you and anything you do.

Channels for Accessing Rhema

1. By reading and studying the Word – Dan. 9:2
2. By prayer and fasting – Jer. 33:3; Lk. 4:1-16

How do I Create an Atmosphere for Rhema?

1) Worship and praise – Acts 13:2
2) Meditation – Josh. 1:8
3) Quiet moment – 1 Kgs. 19:12; 1 Thess. 4:11

What Must you do to Access Rhema?

1. Understand that it is a redemptive right – Jhn. 10:4, 27.
2. You must be meek – Ex. 34:29
3. Live in the fear of God – Ps. 25:14
4. Be spiritual – Rev. 1:10; Gal. 5:25
5. Delightfully crave the Word – Ps. 112:1-2

Signs you are in Rhema

1) Joy – Ps. 89:15
2) Peace – Ps. 85:8
3) Strength – Judg. 6:14

Two season to take advantage of

1) Night season – Ps. 16:17
2) Morning season


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