#Shiloh 2020 Day 4: First Teaching Title: Exploring The Covenant Platform for Supernatural Turnaround: Stay Dedicated to the interest of the Kingdom -Pastor Paul Enenche

First Teaching Title: Exploring The Covenant Platform for Supernatural Turnaround: Stay Dedicated to the interest of the Kingdom
Ministering: Pastor Paul Enenche

What is Dedication?

1. To be committed
2. To be obligated
3. To be devoted
4. To be donated.

To stand with God is to standout in life.
If your frustration is not going to stop your dedication, then your dedication will stop your frustration!
God entrusts heavy responsibility to the dedicated.
To be committed to God’s service is to be qualified for His servicing.
When you are ready to serve, then you are ready to go!
When a man is not tired of serving God, then God will not be tired of blessing him.
To be fruitful in the Kingdom is to be fruitful all-round.
The fire frequency is the approved frequency for Kingdom service.

Example of Dedicated People in Scriptures

1) Levite – Gen. 49:5-7
2) Phineas – Num. 25:6-7
3) David – 1 Sam. 17:26
4) Zechariah & Elizabeth – Lk. 1:5-13
5) John the beloved – Jhn. 19:5

Dividends of Dedication

1. It establishes the seal of divine ownership – Gal. 6:17
2. It brings distinction
3. It guarantees divine protection – Gen. 20:6
4. It is key to divine favour – Ps. 102:13-14
5. It is key to the blessings of the Lord – Ex. 13:25
6. It is key to divine health and vitality – Jhn. 15:2
7. It brings deliverance – Ex. 4:22-23
8. It makes you fruitful – Ex. 23:26
9. It is key to answered prayers – Ps. 102:13-17
10. It is key to fulfilment of your days – Ex. 23:26
11. It is gateway to honour and promotion in the Kingdom – Prov. 27:18
12. It impacts ability and releases potential – 1 Tim. 1:12

Demands of Dedication

1. Genuine passion and love for God – Rom. 12:11; Ps. 69:5
2. Genuine joy and excitement
3. Fear and reverence for God
4. Prompt and timely obedience to instructions – Gen. 12:4; Gen. 22:3
5. Brutal commitment and total abandonment – Eccl. 9:10

Dimensions of Dedication

1. Unashamed public representation of the Kingdom – Dan. 6:4-5
2. Kingdom advancement prayers and intercession – Lk. 2:37
3. Evangelism and soul winning -Jhn. 15:16
4. Kingdom promotion giving and sacrifices – Lk. 7:5; Ps. 132
5. In-house Kingdom service – Ps. 84:10; Lk. 1:5-14

Prophetic declarations

God will distinguish you!
No devil shall cut you off before your time!
Honour is coming your way!
Your family shall be preserved because of your dedication to God!
Answer is coming to that bugging question of your heart!
Anyone that is a victim of any curse, that curse is reverted today!


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