#Shiloh 2020 Day 3: Third Teaching Title: Engaging with Scriptural instructions for Turnaround Encounters. Ministering – Bishop David Abioye

Third Teaching Title: Engaging with Scriptural instructions for Turnaround Encounters.
Minister: Bishop David Abioye

God is committed to instructing you – Isa. 48:17
Instructions are the maker of your destiny.
Not all children of God are profitable, some are liabilities because all they know is how to ask for things from God.
Instruction is the highway out of destruction.
Instruction is a ladder to the top. You cannot follow instructions and remain below.
No journey is ever completed without following instructions.
No adventure ever succeeds without following instructions as relating to the adventure.
Instructions take away discouragement from you because you are exposed to what others do not know.

If your desire is to fly, taking and following instructions is a demand. You are limited in height by the instructions you follow.
The enquiries you make will determine your expansion in life. You are as limited as the enquiries you make and the instructions you receive.
In the spiritual, there is no graduation; you continue to be dependent on God.

How Does Instruction Comes?

1) By an audible voice – Ex. 3:7-10
2) By the voice of God in Scriptures – Deut. 28:1

How to Maximise Scriptural Instruction

1) Identify your peculiar need and enquire from the Lord – Mk. 10:17-21

2) Search for the answer in the scripture

3) Meditate on instruction – 1 Tim. 4:13-17

4) Embrace instruction and follow them consistently – Pro. 4:3

5) Do not be weary of correction – Pro. 6:33; Pro. 3:12

6) Beware of instruction despisers – 2 Tim. 3:16

Why do People Fail to Follow Instructions?

1. They look too simple, not logical and not rational – Jhn. 2:5

2. They are hard to follow – Mk. 10:17; Mk. 10:21-30

3. They look too slow – Gal. 6:9

4. People are too modern for God – Jer. 6:16

Examples of Scriptural Instructions

1) Instruction to be a soul winner – Jhn. 15:16

2) Instruction for diligence – Prov. 22:29

3) Instruction for giving – Lk. 6:38

Prophetic declarations!

Every dryness in your live is over!

The grace to keep following God’s instruction is release on you!

From Shiloh 2020, you will receive grace for the opening of your eye!


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