#Shiloh 2020 Day 3: TESTIMONIES

Testimony Time!

Testimony 1

Dead child jerked back to life and miracle job!

‘I joined this Commission in 2018 and prior to that my wife had been giving birth through C.S. I came to Shiloh 2018 and presented the case to God because my wife was pregnant that time and I promised God that if my wife delivered safely, I would come back to testify. But after Shiloh, my wife gave birth safely but the child died. I calmed my wife down and told her that I know the solutions, I brought out the mantle and anointing oil, and used on the child using an example from the book “Turnaround Power of the Word” as a point of contact, the child sneezed and jerked back to life.
Secondly, I was jobless but I learnt from Bishop David Oyedepo’s book that a child of God should not be jobless; so, I declared that I cannot be jobless. Few days later, I was invited back by my former employers and was sent abroad for training. I was asked what salary I wanted and I told them; however, it was slashed into two but I still paid the tithe of the initial salary I mentioned and few days later my salary was increased twelve times what I was being given before. I return all the glory to God!’ – Marcus Ado (LFC Cotonou)

Testimony 2

Miracle Baby After Encounter!

I got married in 2013, since then I had been struggling, and it was a terrible experience. I did all the medical tests recommended; however, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.
In my dream, someone would point at my stomach and I won’t see the face. Thereafter, my friend invited me to Shiloh 2019, I had an encounter with the prophetic word from Bishop David Oyedepo. After Shiloh, I missed my period and God gave me a miracle baby. I give God all the glory!’ – Agbede Comfort

Testimony 3

Fifteen Years Marital Siege Destroyed!

‘I had been maritally stagnated for fifteen years. However, I have heard people share testimony on the altar and I told God, if He destroy this fifteen years marital spell in my life, I would return to give Him thanks, but it was as if it was not going to be possible; so, I remembered the word of our Father, Bishop David Oyedepo, he spoke from the altar that the reason it looks as if nothing is happening is because God is preparing a better place for me, I keyed into that word. I came to Shiloh 2018 and attended the Marital Breakthrough class. At the class, Bishop Aremu said someone is graduating from this class, I shouted a loud amen. Thereafter, I stopped praying for myself and started praying for some of my friends who also desired marital breakthrough. I wrote down the month and date for my marital breakthrough as March 2020. Meanwhile, when the enlistment for missionary evangelist came out, the Holy Ghost ministered to me to dive into it. Prior to this time, I had a well-paid job but I decided to follow that instruction and I got enlisted. Today, I am happily married. I have come to return the glory to God!’ – Joy Azuna

Testimony 4

11 Years Hepatitis B Destroyed!
‘In 2008, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. My strength was going down and I knew that I was not okay. However, in 2018, God instructed me to sow a seed towards the church planting mandate which I did; thereafter, I heard God say “I have healed you.” Since then, all the symptoms have gone and God has healed me. I have come to return all the glory to God!’ – Fredmac Chukwu

Testimony 5

Delivered from 16 years Alcoholism and Business Restored!
I gave my life to Christ in September, 2019. Prior to this time, I was heavily addicted to alcohol. I came for Shiloh 2019 from Benin. Immediately I entered Canaanland, a new realisation dawned on me and I resolved within myself not to go back to my old ways. Thereafter, when I got back to Benin, I engaged in cleaning the Church and other Kingdom service. Now God has restored me financially and delivered me from alcohol addiction. I give God all the glory!’ – Ogbeide Godwin


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