#Shiloh (Day 2): TESTIMONIES

Testimony Time!

Testimony 1
Miracle House and Job!

‘At Shiloh 2019 prayer hour, I was praying and God told me to pray to work stress-free and to maximise profit in everything I do. Since then, I have had a wonderful 2020. People were talking about lockdown but there was no lockdown in my life. In August, my landlord increased my rent but that same August God gave me a land and as of today, the property has been developed. Also, I believed God for my own business this year and it happened. I have come to return all the glory to God!’ – Bro Peter

Testimony 2

20 years of Constant Urination and Spinal Cord Injury Healed!

‘In 2019, I came to this Church for the first time; meanwhile, I had a spinal cord injury not by accident and I could not figure out how it happened. As I was going through grave challenges, someone invited me to this Church and brought me to Shiloh 2019. Also, I was urinating on my body uncontrollably; however, during one of the Word session, Pst David Oyedepo (Jnr) said there is an end to everything; thereafter, I decided to join this Commission. I came to One Night with the King, but I stayed outside because I use to urinate on my body, then I told God that if He can heal me I would come to Shiloh 2020 to share my testimony, and today God has heard my prayer. I am here to return all the praise to Him!’ – Oloyede omotayo

Testimony 3

Academic Stagnation and Marital Siege Broken!
‘I joined this Church in 2014, I have graduated from the University for four years without results. Also, we are six girls in my family, and I happened to be the last girl, there has been marital stagnation. However, a friend of mine told me about Shiloh; so, I attended. After Shiloh, I have a revelation where God told me that, there will be celebration in my family. That same year, I got my results, went for NYSC, and I was gloriously married. Also, my sister got married that same year. I have come to return the praise to the God of Shiloh!’ – Osawaru Precious

Testimony 4
Three Years Siege of Death Broken!

‘I came to this Church through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Bishop David Oyedepo said, “Return to your state.” I returned to Edo state and gave all my homes for WSF. From where I served before, I was called and honoured with a PhD. My home cell and district grew. God has changed my story. I give God all the glory!’ –
Evang. F.C. Osifo

Testimony 5

Delivered from Addiction to Gambling!

‘I was addicted to gambling. Two Sundays ago, a friend gave me a tract inviting me to Church. I came and heard Bishop David Oyedepo preach. Since then, the appetite for gambling is gone. I return to give God all the glory!’ -Bro Ekene Nwajide.


Courtesy: David Oyedepo Ministries

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