1. Once born again does not mean always born again, you need to take responsibility to abide in the faith.

2. If you can’t be corrected, you can’t be guided.

3. Nobody can be more right than the BIBLE, so be careful what you listen to.

4. No one flies in the Kingdom of God, without the fear of God.

5. The love of God is the covenant solidifier for a change.

6. The love of God is a master key to a supernatural turn around.

7. God is committed to manifest His goodness to His lovers.

8. Loving God with proofs encourages believers to continue encounters with God.

9. A man or a woman who genuinely loves God enjoys encounters with God naturally.

10. If you do not know my heart beat for God, you do not know my secret.

11. You cannot love God, and not know.

12. When you are in love with God, supernatural encounters become your natural lifestyle.

13.Where your commitment to God stops, that is where His leading stops.

14. No life will be greater than the encounters such life is exposed to.

15. COVID-19 it’s a lie from hell. I do not have regards for it.

16. COVID-19 is real and not real. COVID-19 becomes real to those who believe in it, and those who do not believe in it, it’s not real to them.

17. I want the world to understand that the Church is not making noise, but making news.

18. All lovers of God are turnaround candidates in the agenda of God.

19. Just as husband and wife Encounters themselves daily, when God becomes your husband, you experience divine encounters daily

20. No husband prays to see his wife, and no wife prays to see her husband as long as the marriage is intact, encounters are natural.

21. The greatest task of any man is to espouse his children to God.

22. Love is primarily a choice and not a gift.

23. How can you be married to the great physician, and you are sick, how can you be married to the All wise God, and you will be termed a dummy. Whatever is not obtainable in Christ, is not your portion in life.

24. Salvation is not an ideology, but an experience

25. Life in the kingdom begins with salvation, it cannot be appropriated.

26. It’s not joining a church, but being a member of the household of God.

27. Life does not give you what you deserve, but what you demand.

28. There is no closed chapter in God’s agenda.

#Shiloh2020 Evening Session

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