2nd Encounter Night
Shiloh 2020 Day 2

Instead of blaming COVID-19, we started planting Churches. So COVID-19 was tired and packed away. We dealt with COVID-19 and made a nonsense of it here. I have zero regard for it, it’s a lie of hell.
Somebody has temperature, then he has COVID: everybody here has temperature. You can’t be in the tropics and not have temperature.
You have malaria, they say you have COVID-19.
All the symptoms so said, they are common things that happen day in, day out.
You sneeze: they say you have COVID
So what should you do? You keep your sneeze?
I’ve never seen an entire world so fooled like this season.
I’m a responsible citizen of this earth with millions following and being blessed.
I have a say: a strong one. Let the nations gather themselves and rethink.
1 virus sent you packing, what if they are 2? What if they are 3? Then you will die inside your house.
Most of those figures, they hide under the fact that they are COVID- related.
Malaria: COVID-related
Typhoid Fever: COVID-related
Kidney problem: COVID-related
So they keep building their profile, profile of deception.
Why don’t you call us? If I bless the Oil and you all take a shot of it, that’s all instead of looking for vaccine.

#ChurchGist #TheMessenger

Courtesy: Church Gist

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