BE A PROBLEM SOLVER – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Ecclesiastes 9:10) Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might: for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest

Life is meaningless if there are no jobs that require productivity. Life itself is a puzzle, and it is only those who can decode the puzzle that get things out of life. Many run away from problems, while others face the problems and solve them. There are three kinds of persons on earth (1) those who see problems and run away from the problems (2) those who see problems and are conquered by the problems and (3) those who see problems and solve the problems. Which group do you belong?

People are crying money is scarce. Money is not scarce, what is scarce is the ability to solve problems. Once you can solve problems, money will always locate you. One of the ways money enters a man’s hand is by solving other people’s problem. Money comes when we meet needs and solve problems. One of the laws of wealth creation is the more needs you meet, the more income you get. The more problems you solve, the more money comes your way and the more impact you make. The better the quality and quantity of the products and services you provide for others, the greater the rewards you will receive.

Many are crying that the Pastor do not recognize them. If you want the pastor and the ministry to recognize you, just locate a problem or the need of the pastor and the ministry and solve them. The better you get at solving problems, the bigger will be the responsibility you will be given, and the higher the position you will attain. Glorious positions are not given, they are earned. Make yourself indispensable in the house of God. It has been noted that solution-oriented people are the most valuable people in any organization.

Child of God, problems and challenges are there to be solved. Do not run away from problems, solve them. Resolve to be solution oriented in your approach towards life. Successes are largely dependent on the ability to solve problems that one meets at various levels in life. Do not leave a problem the way you met it without making a positive contribution towards the solution. Create a change because you are another kind of them.

Meditation: Do not run away from problems, solve them

RM: The Necessity of Overcomers Credential (2)

Prayer: My Father, my Make, make me a solution to my generation in Jesus name, Amen

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