SHILOH 2020: Testimony Time – Testimony 1

Testimony Time

Testimony 1

Curse of untimely death broken at Shiloh!

‘In my family, people die suddenly and because I have heard other people’s testimonies as God breaks the yoke of death, I cried to God and I heard God say to me that I would not cry over my family anymore. I told God that if I didn’t cry over anyone in my family for five years, I would come back to return all the glory to Him but I could not wait for five years. It’s been three years now, no one has died in my family, that is why I have come to return all glory to the God of Shiloh’.

Mr Matthew Obasi

Testimony 2
Nine years barrenness terminated!

‘We got married in 2011, since then we have been waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. The only time my wife conceived, it was ectopic pregnancy. Since that 2013 to 2020, we set out for outreach, we were mocked but we stayed focused. On 17th April, 2020, my wife said people are going to canaanland and they are sharing testimony, so we decided to come here, when we saw Bishop David Oyedepo he said, “your case is settled!” Today, we are here with our triplets (Two boys and one girl). We have come to return all the glory to God!’ – Pastor Nwokwocha Michael


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