Shiloh 2020 Day 1 Encounter Night: Introduces Bishop David Abioye to take first Word Session.

Shiloh 2020 Declared Open By Bishop David Oyedepo
*Introduces Bishop David Abioye to take first Word Session.

Shiloh 2020 Day 1
Encounter Night

In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, I welcome you to Shiloh 2020.
It shall be your Mountain of Supernatural Turnarounds
My prayer is that everyone gathered unto Jesus in this great prophetic event will be focused enough not to miss their Catch Up Moment.
You shall not miss your Catch Up Moment (2 Kings 2:10). You won’t miss His appearance this time.

I therefore on behalf of Jesus Christ the Head of the Church, declare Shiloh 2020 Open.

We’ll be paying rapt attention to the Word because that’s the medium through which God appears to His people (John 1:1). God’s appearance to any man will make a difference any day any time anywhere.

Every night we’ll have 2 Word Sessions and all is packaged to ensure that we can connect; each one have adequate opportunity to access what God has reserved for us in this great event.

Tonight, to take us in the first leg, he is my beloved son in the gospel, who has been hanging around me in spite of my problems for about 40 years now. He is also one of my successful students as far as the Ministry of the gospel is concerned.
I am blessed to have you around with me.
I am blessed to see God’s grace multiplied on your life.

Let’s welcome to this podium Bishop David Abioye.

#ChurchGist #TheMessenger

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