SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the Blessing of appreciation

There is a lot of blessing in the action of appreciating, praising and thanking God
The enemy uses a number of means to attack appreciation

1. He causes people to see the various challenges of the earth as a reason not to praise God

2. He causes people to see what God has not yet done, prayers not yet answered, instead of what
God has done plenty including the gift of life

3. He causes people to compare themselves with others as a reason not to praise God, not knowing that pathways and destinies differ.

1B. The enemy causes people to see God as the reason for their frustration

2B. The devil causes people to see what is not yet working or what is not yet available as a reason not to praise God
Destinies and pathways differ
The person you are envying might have something in your life that they are envying

3B. The enemy causes people to see others as yardsticks or benchmarks for their success (Ps. 34:5; Isa. 40:29-31)

1. Appreciation (quality appreciation) establishes the Presence of God (Ps. 22:3; 89:15; 100:4)
The Presence of God is never scarce around the life of a genuine worshipper
Worshippers of God are carriers of the Ark

2. Appreciation (quality appreciation) guarantees the preservation of life (Ps. 91:1-16; 150:6)
To praise God well is to be qualified for life (Ps. 150:6)
To appreciate God well is to be secured in His Presence

3. Appreciation (quality appreciation) brings acceleration to life (Gen. 1:1-End)
If the enemy cannot close your mouth in appreciation, he cannot tie your life in stagnation
If you cannot see what God has done so far, you will never see what He will do next time.
Appreciation is the vehicle for acceleration for life and destiny
Your tongue is literally the key to acceleration and progress in life

4. Appreciation (quality appreciation) establishes the Blessing of God (2Sam. 6:20; Ps. 67:5-7; 2Chron. 20:22)
If you will not deny God His praise, He won’t deny you your blessing
A secret of overcoming enemy hostility is your praise (2Chron. 20:22)
Your praise is your therapy for the curses of life (1Sam. 16:23)

5. Appreciation (quality appreciation) establishes Divine provision (2Sam. 6:19; Matt. 6:11; John 6:11-12)
The place of appreciation is the place of provision; if you are not lacking in praise, you won’t be lacking in supplies
Many have destroyed their continuous supplies by murmuring and grumbling
Lack can never be the testimony of genuine worshippers

6. Appreciation (quality appreciation) establishes Divine strength, health and vitality (Mark 7:27; Ps. 104:15)
Strength is renewed where praise is released; where praise is released health is restored

7. Appreciation (quality appreciation) brings the flow of the Spirit (Acts 2:13; Eph. 5:18-19; Num. 21:17; John 7:38)
The wine of the Spirit is stirred by the praise and appreciation

1. Quality appreciation includes quality praise and worship (2Sam. 6:12-15)

2. Quality appreciation includes quality celebration and jubilation (2Sam. 6:14)
Until we become babies in the Hands of God we can never become adults in His purpose for our lives

3. Quality appreciation includes quality sacrifice (2Sam. 6:18)
If you are truly grateful, it is reflected in your sacrifice

1. The privilege of relationship with God

2. The privilege of life (Rom. 9:16; Ps. 150:6)
Life is not a right, it is a privilege

3. The privilege of a second opportunity to do it right (1Chron. 15:13)

4. The frustration of the expectations of the enemy

5. The opportunities and possibilities of the future (Eccl. 9:4)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I appreciate You for the privilege of relationship with You. I appreciate You Lord for the privilege of life, the privilege of a second opportunity to do it right, for the frustration of the enemy and for the opportunities and possibilities of the future, in Jesus’ Name.

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