A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 11) – Olumide Fatunsin

Leah brought out her pistol and searched the rooms and then went upstairs to search the other rooms. Tony held Angela who was visibly afraid and they observed the man.

Suddenly, they heard a loud cry upstairs and left the sitting room to attend to Leah.

Tony outran Angela who was still weak and troubled. When Angela was about to take the final step, she heard the scream of Tony and the sound of the doorbell simultaneously.

“Who should I attend to?” She said.

She decided to know the state of Tony and Leah. Angela looked straight into their bedroom which was opened but she saw no one there.

She went to the second bedroom but no one was there too. The doorbell rang again but the whereabouts of Tony and Leah baffled her.

Angela checked the private sitting room which was opened but she found no one there.

As soon as she turned to go towards the bathroom, she noticed some jelly-like liquid on the floor which stretched to the bathroom.

Angela took her steps cautiously until she reached the door. She tried to open it when the doorbell rang again.

“Could that be my daughter?” She thought.

Her heart bled again at the thought of her kidnapped daughter.

She began to hear someone whispering inside the bathroom. Angela placed her ears on the door to hear properly but her increased heartbeat couldn’t help the matter.

She looked up and prayed to God for wisdom. Then, she took three steps backwards to steady her body system and rested her head on the wall to think on what to do next.

After some minutes, someone opened the main door downstairs. Angela jolted forward in fear wondering who could have entered the house.

She stood there waiting to know the next step to take. Her heartbeat raced faster and her hands trembled in fear.

After some minutes, she heard someone climbing up the stairs slowly. Angela entered the private sitting room and closed the door gently.

The person came upstairs and began to knock the door to the bathroom.

Angela went closer to the door to hear their conversation. Before she reached the door, someone opened the door suddenly.

Angela hid behind the door, held her breath with her right hand and began to pray silently.

The person came in and…

What happened to Angela, Tony and Leah?

What’s going in their house?

Where is Annie?

To be continued in Episode 12.

Olumide Fatunsin

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