Today’s Word – 5/12/2020


Psalms 4:2

How long, O you sons of men,Will you turn my glory to shame?How long will you love worthlessness, And seek falsehood? Selah


Is your lifestyle glorifying God, or is it turning God’s glory to shame?


God created mankind for the purpose of showing forth His glory, hence it is expected that our lifestyles are reflective of this vision.

The kingdom lifestyle is one that adheres strictly to the pursuit of Kingdom values, because through the expression of these values, the name of God is glorified.

It is however important that we examine ourselves to determine what we seek, because what we seek reflects what we value, and what we value shows forth our degree of honor for God.

If you seek falsehood, you are confined to the realm of worthlessness, because that which you seek has no eternal value, hence you would have abused the glory of God for your life, through the wastage of heavenly resources and Investment

However, let us examine ourselves today, and make it a priority to set our minds on things above, that we will tow the path of honoring God with our lifestyle, and not turning His glory to shame

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