BATTLE FOR NEXT LEVEL – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Micah 2:10) Arise ye, and depart, for this is not your rest…

In continuation of our discussion, next level is the progressive realization of God’s will for your life in phases and stages. Where you are right now is not the best, but if you are ignorant of God’s intent for your life, you may think it is the best. God has greater things in store for you. God’s intent for you is that your life continually make progressive and mind-blowing advancement. Next level is the resultant effect of either a decision made, an action taken, or a divinely orchestrated act of God. It is triggered by an action executed, a step taken, or an access gained. It is unrealistic for anyone to wish for a next level whilst doing nothing. For your next level to show up, you must make a move.

One of the laws of motion states that an object remains in a permanent state of rest, until relevant force is applied. Nothing moves until you move it. Next level is bursting the bounds of your present achievement in order to obtain better growth, development and expansion. To experience a new level is to apply the relevant force (which may be spiritual or physical). If you must go from where you are to where you want to be, you must make a conscious effort. When a seed is planted or buried beneath the soil, in order to get to the next stage or growth and visibility, it has to break through the soil.

Child of God, next level will not come without a fight. Definitely, there will be oppositions that will try to stop or resist you. There will be impediments, road blocks and obstacles, but you must have an uncommon resolve to smash through those impediments if you must get to your next level. Lions do not turn back in the face of opposition. You are not designed to be a victim of life’s circumstances. You are wired to overcome. Where you are now is not your destination. There is another level.

Meditation: Next level will not come without you fight

RM: Mandate for Next Level

Prayer: My Father, My Lord, I reject average. Envelope me with the spirit of a higher level in life in Jesus name, Amen.

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