It’s that time of the year in which I try to take stock of how the Lord’s oceanic goodness, grace and mercy have cascaded upon me mightily. It’s an infinite tale of love composed in throne room of heaven. This story predates the moment I drew the first breath into my lungs, before my palate could even feel the nourishment from my mom’s bosom. It surely predates the moment I was conceived. It began from before the foundations of the world.

Humanly speaking, I should not be here. But the great bypass system in Christ by which human limitations are unfairly augmented through God’s super abundance has propelled me through altitudes beyond the farthest stretch of the imagination. I am overwhelmed. I am blessed beyond the carrying capacity of language. I am humbled.

This year, at the Lord’s behest, I officially resigned from my day job with the Federal Government of Nigeria at which I served the Lord for sixteen years. My experiences at this duty post inspired my last book AN EPISTLE TO THE APOSTLES IN THE MARKETPLACE.

What’s next: I ascend higher in kingdom service. For this purpose was I born.

Jesus is just too much!

I remain consumed in Him. All I am, all I have and all I do remain subsumed in His good pleasure.

The Lord, even the Great One of Zion, remains my shepherd forever!

I am grateful for the privilege of another year in His everlasting arms.

Help me celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness!

My attention has been drawn to the fact that so many people have called in to find out how they can send gifts. Kindly contact +2348060508888.

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