SPIRITUAL “ROBBERY”!!! (Godly Wisdom For The Pulpit And The Pew) – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


There are two kinds of robbery that are common in ministry that I believe the Church should beware of, and those are:

(1) When the minister robs the people of God.

(2) When the people of God rob the minister.

Now I believe we just need BALANCE in everything that we do. The purpose of God’s Word is to shape us, sharpen us, prune us and straighten us out.

The Word is given as our final Reality and we go by it, not allowing personal/cultural biases to colour our spiritual perception because no one can be an effective minister of the Word like that.

Stuffs happen in ministry and the best attitude is to throw the light of God’s Word on them, not to feign ignorance.

Also, I discover that EDUCATION, rather than INTIMIDATION is an effective strategy to establish the position of Scriptures on matters that affect us as God’s precious people.


Having said that, it’s important to note that “spiritual robbery” is not acceptable by Biblical standard.

We now look at these two forms of robbery, predicating the teaching on Paul’s statement in the Book of First Corinthians:

If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?

You can read the entire passage in context for deeper understanding. These two forms of robbery are:


Here, the minister expects harvest where he has not sown.

Notice that according to this scripture, Paul implied that MINISTERS ARE SOWERS and not only that, with respect to ministering to the people, THEY SOW SPIRITUAL THINGS.

In other words, it is unscriptural for a minister to be a busy body, not adding any value to God’s people but at the same time expecting financial and material resources from them.

In ministry, the governing principle is VALUE ADDITION, not MONEY ADDICTION.

The shortest route to poverty in ministry is to make money your goal.

No, VALUE is the key word. IMPACT is the key word. Paul said “if we have sown unto you spiritual things…”.

What have you sown in ministry? Where have you laboured in ministry? Who are those that have blessed by your ministry or impacted by the Grace of God upon your life?

It is not enough to claim to be in full time ministry but all one does is to sleep, eat and gist, and when it comes to sowing time, one has nothing to sow.

No word. No value. No substance. And even the people know that the minister doesn’t have it; he’s only playing games.

A minister who will make impact is one whose sack is full of spiritual seeds of God’s Word and whose winepress is bursting forth with new wine of the Spirit by the day.

Some have not fulfilled the above-mentioned conditions in ministry and what they’re looking for are people who will give them “seeds”.

Here’s a young minister who has not sown anything and he wants to be enjoying the harvest of the fathers.

He wants to start riding rolls royce and flying jets. It doesn’t work that way. A minister must till the ground and sow.


Check the records dear friend; those who have sufficient resources to do ministry work have been great sowers in the past and they’re still sowing till date, NEVER RELENTING.

By God’s Grace, I have seen ministry sons bless me with dollars because they’re grateful to the Lord and they’re responding to the Grace of God.

These are people who, years back didn’t look like what they are today, and during those rough times, I kept sowing spiritual seeds, dishing out the Word (sometimes for seven hours), laying hands on them, pronouncing the blessing, encouraging and motivating them.

I didn’t say something like, “I’m not sent to students because students have nothing to give”.

Many years ago, a man of God in town said, “My money is not in this town”. You know why he said that? Virtually all his members were students”.

Sadly, he’s not in ministry today. Do you think someone will just remember one spiritual father somewhere and give him a cheque of let’s say ten million naira if the father has been casual with spiritual sowing, just gallivanting around without thinking of VALUE, SUBSTANCE and IMPACT?

IT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK LIKE THAT!!! Ministers are not supposed to have their belly as their god. Always expecting harvest without seed sowing is spiritual robbery.


Again, Paul says:

If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?

That means a genuine minister who has laboured genuinely through different spheres of ministration should be honoured accordingly.

A servant of God who has blessed you spiritually should be honoured with your financial and material resources.

This is what many ministers don’t like to talk about. They don’t want to be misunderstood. No, it’s our sacred responsibility to preach and teach the full counsel of God.

That’s the position of Scriptures, as also supported by Gal. 6:6, 1 Tim.:5:17, 1Thess.5:12-13, Heb.13:7, etc.

We don’t muzzle the ox that treads out the corn because the labourer is worthy of his reward.

It is unacceptable for genuine labourers in ministry to have financial issues.

One of the principles that has helped me as a privileged teacher of God’s Word is that I’m not a favourite-scripture minister; I’m an all-scripture minister.

I accept the ENTIRETY of God’s Word, no matter what anybody thinks or feels about it.

I won’t because of social media likes, comments, shares and followership violate my conscience. No, I’m still going VERY FAR!!!

A minister who continually plays to the gallery to please people will meet God one day and give some explanations on “Who called him?”.

Truthfully, a minister looks up to God as His Rewarder but teaching the people to give to the man of God in line with the teachings of the New Testament is not equal to looking up to the people.

We shouldn’t get it twisted. As a minister, you’re duty-bound to teach the Word while you don’t take responsibility for the response of the people.

To keep quiet while you walk in offence will block the flow of blessings in your direction.

You’re not to force anyone or intimidate anyone. Just preach and teach the Word. That’s playing your own part!

If people don’t respond, you must keep loving them and you must not walk in offence.

Sometimes in ministry, what the Corinthians fail to do, God will raise the Philippians to do MUCH MORE because He’s the One Who controls your harvest.

Never get embittered with the people. Never take offence. Never look up to the people. Just show them the way.

There are ministers today who are ministering with offensive and wounded hearts because they feel used by the people.

No, get rid of offence and your HARVEST will come through the One Who gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater.

I have interrected with ministers in this regard including very senior ministers and time will not permit me to go into details.

There are Pastors who can’t pay their children’s school fees yet they’re labouring day and night over the people.

There are ministers who carry terrible ailments in their bodies and they need financial stability to be hale and hearty yet with those terrible conditions, the people still expect the man of God to keep labouring day and night.

I feel sorry for such congregations because they aren’t walking in alignment with God’s Word.

I have seen ministers’ children who hate ministry with passion because of the suffering their parents experienced in the hands of the people.

Like I said, BY ALL MEANS, a minister must not be offended. Keep walking in love and where you need to apply wisdom, please don’t hesitate to apply it because you’re still going VERY FAR.

The truth is NOBODY CAN ROB A GENUINE MAN OF GOD. God always has provisions for His servants as they walk in alignment with the will of God and as they make LOVE their primary motivation for ministry.

I believe that our generation can do better than all of these. Yes we can do better, God helping us.

I trust this meets us well Sirs and Mas?



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