Pastor Bimbo Animashaun celebrates 18 years in Ministry

This day in history, Sunday, 1st December, 2002, I was officially set apart for the first time unto the work of the ministry and ordained as a YOUTH PASTOR under the auspices of the apostolic grace of my spiritual father, Pastor Peter O. Morakinyo.

That commissioning into ministry work that took place at St. Luke’s College, Molete, Ibadan never left me the same as a young chap who was passionate about the pursuit of the call of God – it made an indelible impression on my heart.

Looking back, it has been A JOURNEY IN GRACE. Still standing in ministry today is not man’s effort, neither is it human expertise but HIS GRACE AND MERCY ALONE.

Yes I loved the Lord as a young man but His sustaining Grace has been the secret.

Many waters have passed under the bridge but BY HIS GRACE WE STAND AND IN HIS GRACE WE STAND.

Still preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ after those few years is A MIRACLE OF GRACE.

Ara san; ategun fe; iji ja sugbon ko gbe wa lo. To God alone be all the Glory!!!

This 18th anniversary in the ministry of Christ is a reminder that THE JOURNEY IS VERY FAR AND THE TIME IS VERY SHORT BUT HIS GRACE AT WORK IN US IS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

Leaning more and more on His GRACE to fulfill His holy calling upon my life.

Thank You Dear Lord Jesus for the privilege to bear the claims of Your holy calling upon my life.

To You Alone Be All The Glory!!!

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