A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 9) – Olumide Fatunsin

He entered and saw an empty bed and a small piece of paper on it. He picked it and found this written on it “fifty four seventy boy accord subset table pole”

As soon as Tony got out of the room, he saw the other nurse who administered drugs to Kate.

“How was she poisoned?” Tony asked the nurse.

“A tall man with an oblong face who called himself her elder brother visited and gave her some snacks and pen drives.” The nurse said calmly.

Tony wasn’t sure who that person could be until he got to Angela’s room. He sat down trying to figure out what had happened.

“Dear, someone gave Kate something to eat which turned out to be a poison.” Tony told Angela and Leah.

Leah asked how a person would come into Kate’s room without any struggle.

“Definitely, the person is known to Kate.” Angela affirmed.

Tony suddenly remembered Doctor Davis who threatened him outside the hospital.

“Yes, Dr Davis must be the one. Yes, he is tall with an oblong face. My God!” Tony said out of frustration.

“I didn’t see Kate in her room…” He said looking at the ceiling.

“What! How can that be possible? How?” Leah asked surprisingly.

Angela looked at them and shook her head.

“Kate must have left on her own. I know what she is capable of doing. Dr Davis must have given her something to feign stomach problem and then escape.“ Angela said with a sad look.

Tony clenched his fist, Leah paced up and down the room and Angela rested her head on the pillow with drops of tears on her face.

Later, Tony brought out the note and began to read it aloud, “fifty four seventy boy accord subset table pole…”

Leah came near to see what he was reading and Angela asked him where he found the note.

“I found it on Kate’s bed and certainly she forgot to take it along.” Tony said sheepishly.

“Great! Let’s crack the code. This will give us a clue to where Annie is kept.” Leah said confidently.

Angela tried to come down from the bed but Tony disallowed her. Leah came near and they began to figure out what that code could mean.

“fifty four seventy boy accord subset table pole…”

“54 70 boy accord subset table pole”

Leah asked Tony if the numbers could be an identification or a region.

They began to figure out every possibility until Angela said, “5470… Four digits.”

Tony looked at her and said, “four digits number could be a vehicle registration plates or a specific place.”

“Boy accord subset table pole” Leah tried to find other meaning to it.

“Table? What can we say about table?” Tony asked them.

Leah looked at the table in their room and moved closer to observe it. She bent down and began to observe its features.

“1,2,3,4…Yes, 4 legs.” She said.

Tony nodded in agreement.

“Pole? The pole…” Angela mentioned it while looking around and saw a pole with the flag of their country outside the window.

“Yes, a pole looks like 1…1…1” She said firmly.

Tony and Leah nodded in agreement.

“So, we have 5470…4…1” Tony said looking at them.

“Yes, I have an idea.” Leah quipped…

Will they be able to crack the code?

Will Annie be found?

Who was really after Angela and Annie?

To be continued in Episode 10.

Olumide Fatunsin

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