10 THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS – Evangelist Ukpo Daniel

1. Take a day or two to appreciate God for your life, family, ministry, business etc

2. Do a personal examination of your relationship with Jesus Christ this year
If you have missed it along the way, then repent and return to Him before the year ends and find your place in Him.
If you are stable by grace then ask Him for more of His grace for next year to more for Him.

3.Do a check up of your service for the Lord
Are you faithful or unfaithful ?
Then amend and trust Him to be a faithful next year

4. List down what God has done for you and what you couldn’t do even though they are in your expectations for the year (Count them one by one) and appreciate Him and trust Him for those you were unable to accomplish that before the year ends a miracle can still happen.

5. How many souls were you able to Win this year?
Or how much of your resources, money that goes into soulwinning and evangelism?

If you have not done any then before the year ends sponsor a crusade or an outreach to the less privileged and make sure something about you goes out to bring more souls into the kingdom .

6. Did you noticed a hindrance to your breakthrough this year
Take time and do some warfare until what belongs to you enters your life.
Because life is spiritual.

7. Forgive all those who offended you this year and repent of your sins before this year ends.

8. How many spiritual books were you able to read this year?
If you are weak then wake up
If you are stable then keep it up next year.

9. Find a place and retreat personally before the year ends to receive from the Lord what and how 2021 will look like for your life, family, ministry, businesses.

10. Do you know Jesus is coming soon.
Prepare for His second coming

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