A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 8) – Olumide Fatunsin

Tony and the nurse were about to go to Kate’s room when a man approached them.

When the man opened his briefcase, Tony and the nurse looked at each other. Willy, a short and fat young man showed them the picture of Annie with a pistol pointed at her in a close range.

Tony tried to hold him but Willy stepped aside to show him a bottle with “express juice” written on it.

The nurse asked him to explain himself but Willy told her to keep quiet and she left for Kate’s room.

“Tony, express juice…Kate…vomit…Angela last warning.” Willy told him.

Immediately, Tony understood his message. A special liquid called Express juice was given to Kate in order to vomit. Before Tony could ask further question, Willy simply told him, “Angela first!”

Willy left the hospital immediately. Tony went to Kate’s room and met her holding her stomach saying, “Had I known!” intermittently.

Tony asked the nurse to explain the reason for her pain.

“The poison has affected her digestive system and it will take time to heal up.” The nurse explained.

Leah called Tony to come over. When he got there, Angela demanded to leave the hospital because she greatly desired to see her daughter.

Tony left the room to meet her doctor. The doctor promised to discharge her later in the day. As soon as Tony left the doctor’s office, he saw the back view of someone who resembled Kate leaving the hospital through the east wing.

Tony waved it aside and went to meet Angela.

“Dear, the doctor said you will be discharged in the evening. All is well.” Tony said reassuringly.

Angela sat on the bed looking at the door as if her daughter should appear suddenly. Leah drew closer to comfort and encourage her.

“Angela, nothing will happen to Annie. We are with you” Leah said with her right arm around Angela’s shoulder.

Angela looked at Tony who was a bit tired.

“Where is Kate?” Angela asked him.

“She is in her room.” Tony replied confidently.

“I saw someone who looked like her not quite long passing through the corridor when I came out of the toilet.” Angela affirmed.

On hearing this, Tony rose up and ran to Kate’s room. He entered and saw an empty bed and a small piece of paper on it.

He picked it and found this written on it “fifty four seventy boy accord subset table pole”

He searched through the room but couldn’t find her. As soon as Tony got out of the room, he saw…

What did that code stand for?

Was Kate kidnapped or left on her own?

Where is Annie?

To be continued in Episode 9.

Olumide Fatunsin

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