There are four exit gates of every church you work with as an Assistant Pastor.
No matter how powerful you are, you must go through one.
Have it in your mind that you must get to that point where you must be faced with the realities of entering one of these gates.

You are at liberty to resign. How I wish you know how a Leader feels when you want to go and yet the ministry is built around your expertise. The greatest honour your boss can give to you is to beg you not to go. But some of us still left because it is our right to go. It is called the RESIGNATION GATE.


If the capacity of an organization used to be 100 staff-capacity and by reason of lack of financial flow, they can no longer sustain the 100 staff-capacity, people must be retrenched if the organization must survive and remain in existence.

You did not prepare for it, but if you are the boss that is what you will do. You either cut down the salary of everyone to accommodate the new reality or you let some go.
If you go this way, it is the RETRENCHMENT GATE.


Every ministry have their Red Line you must not cross. There are punishable offences.
In some churches, when you commit adultery or fornication, you are sacked, most especially if you have been corrected on several occasions.
There are places where, if you steal church money or defraud the members, you must be sacked. Sometimes, it is not stealing or fornication, it may be a public abuse of the ministry’s traditions and tenets of faith. For posterity sake, you may be released to go.
When you are fired, you may not like it, but it is also a Gate some people must go through.

You return back to God in full repentance and mercy as you move on. You don’t get angry, that is how systems are sustained.
When you become the boss, you will do the same if not worst. Otherwise, the place will be known for lawlessness.


A time comes when the older generation must go for the younger generation to grow. No matter how sweet it is, never forget the old must go, the young must come.

From the book of Ecclessiates chapter 1 verse 4, ”I saw the other day, one generation passeth away and another cometh, but the earth abideth for ever”.
For any ministry to abide forever, a new generation of young army must constantly replace the older generation. From Catholic to Anglican and Baptist, all retire men that have served to a certain age, so as to give room for continuity. It is only we Pentecostals that believe retirement is a crime.

I conclude this way,
Never say anybody used you and dumped you.

Nobody used you Sir.

If you look at it very well, you are the one that used your boss.

When you were buying choiced cars, he was not using you;
When you were building houses and buying properties, he was not using you;
When you were travelling abroad for vacations, he was not using you;
When you were sending your kids to private universities, he was not using you;
When you were receiving heavy gifts from the members, he was not using you;
When you were sending money to your extended family members, he was not using you;
Now that it is time for you to go through the retirement gate, you want to give your boss all kinds of unprintable names!. That is wickedness on your part.

Please repent!

Your labour of love cannot be forgotten by heaven.

God is a Rewarder of men, not a user of men.

Be happy with your boss, because you will always need to call that place home. People there will always bless you.
It is difficult to believe, but it is the truth.

A member I pastored, 2007 in Onitsha under the ministry I served before starting Answers Assembly still sent me money on my birthday 11th of November 2020, (this month). That is a branch of the church I Pastored 13 years ago.

So, to all organizational staff all over the world, always remember, no matter how you see it, we all must go through any of these Gates.

If you like become a General overseer. One day you must also retire for the next generation to take over.

Thanks for reading.

Irabor Wisdom

Bishop Answers Assembly.

Warri Delta state.

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