A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 7) – Olumide Fatunsin

After 3 hours, a nurse rushed out of the room where Kate was being treated. Tony rose up from where he was sitting to observe the situation.

The doctor arrived later with another nurse. Tony became suspicious when he noticed the first nurse didn’t come back.

He moved near the window to have proper view. The doctor was busy checking her pulse rate while the nurse prepared another injection.

Suddenly, Kate began to vomit and the nurse dropped the injection to attend to her. The doctor moved closer to check her eyes.

“What! She has been poisoned.” The doctor said authoritatively.

He asked the nurse to quickly prepare another injection. Meanwhile, Tony was troubled when he perceived something has gone wrong.

The survival of Kate meant a lot to them. Someone tapped him from behind and he turned to see the person.

“Hello Mr Tony. I am Doctor Davis” He introduced himself.

Tony, who was confused greeted him in return.

“What can I do for you?” Tony asked politely.

Doctor Davis brought him aside to discuss privately with him. Instead of taking him to an office, he took him outside the hospital.

At the car park, Doctor Davis cleared his throat and looked straight at Tony.

“Tony, you have only 30 minutes and your daughter would be gone.” Davis said.

Tony became agitated and asked, “What do you mean?”

Doctor Davis pointed in the direction of the second car park.

“Can you recognise that white car over there beside the van?” Davis asked him.

Tony lifted his eyes and nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it belongs to my wife.”

Doctor Davis checked his wristwatch and raised his voice, “You have 25 minutes and your daughter would be gone.”

Tony stepped forward to go and look for Angela and Annie but Doctor Davis stopped him.

“Hey, if you don’t release Angela to us, forget your daughter forever. You have 22 minutes left.”

Tony ran towards the car and found Leah tied down. He forcefully opened the car and removed the band from her mouth and the rope from her feet.

“Where is Angela? Where is Annie? Are you OK?” Tony asked out of desperation.

Leah narrated the ordeal to him. They were about leaving the hospital some hours ago when Leah received an urgent call to come and see the Doctor.

Unknown to her, she had been deceived by fake doctor Davis. Matt appeared before Leah as she was about to enter the Doctor’s office.

“Go back! Angela has fainted and Annie has been kidnapped again.” Matt said with no passion.

When Leah turned back to look for them, she met Angela being wheeled into one of the rooms. She noted the number and rushed outside to look for Annie.

Immediately she stepped outside the hospital, she saw two men running towards the second car park.

She chased them and began to check the cars to see if she could find Annie. After checking a number of cars, she found Angela’s car. She moved closer to confirm it.

As soon as she reached the car, two men came out of the van beside the car and forced her inside Angela’s car.

One of the nurses later informed Tony about Angela. By the time he got there, she’s fast asleep.

Tony sat beside Angela with tears on his face. Leah entered the room dragging her feet and Tony helped her to rest a bit on the chair.

Tony’s phone beeped and he read the SMS.

“Mr Tony, how is your family? I have been trying to contact Sister Angela. Please, tell her to contact me. Pastor Abraham.”

After two minutes, another SMS came in.

“30 minutes is over. We are giving you another 30 minutes to hand over Angela to us. Last chance!”

Tony looked up with a troubled face.

Suddenly, Angela shouted from her sleep, “Annie… Annie… Annie.”

As soon as Tony and Leah rose up to attend to her, a nurse rushed inside to speak with Tony.

“Kate… Kate is…”

Tony cut in, “What happened to Kate?”

Tony and the nurse were about to go to Kate’s room when a man approached them. When he opened his briefcase, the nurse and Tony…

To be continued in Episode 8.

Olumide Fatunsin

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