A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 6) – Olumide Fatunsin

There was a mild commotion and someone cried out in pain. Tony, the second hefty man switched off the light, hit Amos with a club and his cry rent the air.

A young woman, Leah who was armed opened the door from outside and forcefully took Angela and Annie away.

Before Tony could escape, Matt and Kate overpowered him. He struggled with them and eventually gave Kate a blow on her spinal cord.

Within twinkling of an eye, Kate was unconscious on the floor. The light was switched on again.

Both Matt and Tony looked in the direction of the kitchen while still fighting. Wounded Amos pointed a pistol at them and cried out, “Who is on my side?”

They stopped fighting and looked at each other.

“I said, who is for me? Answer me before the count of three.” Amos asked again with a loud voice.

Suddenly, they heard a loud and repeated breathings. They looked in the direction of Kate. Matt rushed to her side to resuscitate her. Amos pointed his pistol at them and began to curse and abuse them.

“Do you think you can outsmart me? I employed both of you and your secrets are with me. Have you forgotten your humble beginning?” He boasted.

He spat on them at intervals. However, Matt tried to plead with him but Tony remained adamant.

Later, they heard the siren of the police and fled except Tony. He looked behind him and saw Leah holding a device.

Both of them laughed having tricked them with the fake police siren. Leah walked to where Kate was and she heard her faint breathing and called Tony to help her.

On the hospital bed, Kate repeatedly asked Leah why she was brought there. Leah didn’t say anything but shook her head.

Soon, a nurse came in and gave her another injection. She slept off immediately. Tony later came in with Angela and Annie. Leah smiled and went to meet Annie to kiss her.

Angela turned to Tony and hugged him, “Thank you…Thank you.” Angela said with joy.

Tony beckoned to Leah to bring Annie closer. His muscular right arm lifted Annie with ease. He looked straight into her eyes and asked, “Annie, how do you feel now?”

Annie replied, “Papa, I want chocolate.” They all smiled.

Tony dipped his hand into his back pocket and brought out her favourite chocolate, “Thank you papa” She said with a smile.

Then, a doctor and a nurse entered and asked them to leave the room. Tony became suspicious when he saw another doctor trying to enter the room where Kate was receiving her treatment.

He informed Leah to watch over Angela and Annie while he kept monitoring Kate.

After 3 hours, a nurse …

To be continued in Episode 7.

Olumide Fatunsin

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