A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 5) – Olumide Fatunsin

When he opened the door, Kate entered in.

Amos asked her to go upstairs until further instruction. He ordered Agent Edimulo to get him a cup of water.

Amos rolled the sleeves of his shirt, collected the cup of water from him and poured it on Angela.

Angela sprang up and sat while still holding her head with traces of blood on her left ear.

“Please, let me go away with my daughter.” she pleaded.

Amos smiled and commanded to bring her daughter.

Matt appeared with her daughter and brought her downstairs.

“You? Matt? Are you part of them?” Angela asked in dismay.

Matt ignored her and pushed her daughter towards Amos.

Amos gave him a hot slap angrily for pushing her.

Matt apologized for his rude behaviour and rubbed his cheek to soothe his pain.

Annie struggled to free herself to go and hug her mother but Amos firmly held her left hand.

Angela couldn’t stand up but pleaded with Amos to release her daughter.

They all mocked her and laughed her to scorn while Annie struggled helplessly to free herself.

With great passion and motherly love springing up from within, Angela stood upright holding the knife Amos had left on the floor when Kate rang the doorbell.

Angela held it with her two hands with the sharp end facing her stomach.

“I will kill myself if you don’t release my daughter. I don’t care.” Angela shouted with her voice shaking and tears rolling down her face.

“Mummy! Mummy!!” Annie cried out.

Amos stepped forward and brought Annie to her.

Angela threw away the knife and hugged her daughter with tears flowing freely.
After a while, Kate came downstairs with the spy cameras.

“Kate, what are you doing here? Are you also part of them? Am I dreaming?” Angela queried.

Kate came to pat her back and whispered to her ears, “I am your friend but money rules the world. Don’t you like money?”

On hearing that, Angela pushed her away and held her daughter closer.

Amos collected the spy cameras and dangled them before Angela to show how she had been monitored for some weeks.

Angela shook her head in dismay and the thought of how to flee from these dangerous people filled her mind.

“You pushed me into this mess, young woman.” Amos confronted her.

Angela didn’t respond but looked at her daughter.

Amos continued, “You know how much I loved you but you allowed the love of our daughter to deprive your love for me. You treated me as a stranger.”

Angela drew her daughter closer again from being snatched away.

“You preferred to shower your love on Annie but you neglected and abandoned me. I pleaded with you and even gave you more than enough to satisfy you. What did I get in return? Nothing… Nothing.” Amos said with teary eyes.

Annie hugged her mother tightly.

Amos continued, “You were transferred to this city and you didn’t bother to ask for my opinion. I couldn’t concentrate in my place of work and the reward of my halfhearted loyalty was to be sacked. I was sacked without pity! What did you say? You told me to find my way and come back after I might have amased great riches to take care of our daughter. I roamed about for two years like a wanderer seeking greener pastures. It was tough until I was…”

The light went off abruptly and the main door was opened suddenly.

There was a mild commotion and someone…

To be continued in Episode 6.

Olumide Fatunsin

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