A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 4) – Olumide Fatunsin

As she turned around to go back to the house, she met a dog barking and wagging its tail.

Angela tried to bypass the dog but the dog kept barking as if to say “Please, come and see”.

Angela followed the dog to the nearest flowerbeds and she found a big travelling bag with foul smell oozing out of it.

She developed cold feet suddenly. “What is inside? A human being or something else? My God!” Many thoughts swirling around her trembling heart.

Angela called the attention of a passerby to the strange bag. The man pulled it out of the flowerbeds and opened it. Meanwhile, Angela had already closed her eyes to avoid a rude shock.

The man cried out, “A dead dog”. Angela opened her eyes to confirm what the man said.

Angela left the scene without saying a word. She sobbed along the way until she entered her house and locked the door firmly out of fear.

Before she could switch on the light, the whole sitting room lit up with bright light. She turned and saw a man sitting on the sofa with a knife and orange.

Angela staggered and tried to flee but was held back by two hefty men.

“Leave me alone! Who are you?” Angela cried out and fought frantically to free herself.

The man with the knife rose up and started peeling the orange until he got to her.

“Woman, will you like to taste it?” The man asked.

Angela looked up and shouted back at him, “Amos, what else do you want? What are you doing here?”

Amos laughed so hard including the two hefty men.

“Where did you keep my daughter?” Angela asked Amos in an angry tone.

Amos forced the orange into her mouth and asked her to confirm the taste.

“Sweet… Sweet… Sweet.” Amos quipped.

“Where is my daughter?” She asked again while still being held by the men.

“Agent Osulof Edimulo, answer her!” Amos commanded.

One of the hefty men slapped Angela so hard that she fell down.

Amos roughly lifted her and helpless Angela looked at him with one eye while the other one was closed.

He shook her rigorously and hit her head against the wall. Angela shouted due to the impact and held her head with her two hands in pain.

“Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!!” Her daughter cried out when she heard the cry of her mother.

Amos commanded the man holding the daughter upstairs to shut her mouth.

Angela tried to rise up when she heard the cry of her daughter but there was no strength. She tried several times to lift herself up but to no avail.

Her daughter cried out again, “Mummy, come and help me.”

Angela almost lifted herself up to help her daughter but was kicked again by Amos.

Amos knelt beside her and placed the knife on her neck and asked her, “Angela, what do you want to tell your daughter? Do you have anything special to reveal to her?”

Angela was about to lift herself up again when the doorbell rang.

Immediately, the men positioned themselves and Amos went to answer the visitor.

When he opened the door…

To be continued in Episode 5.

Olumide Fatunsin

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