THE PROFITABILITY OF HOPE (1&2) – Dr. Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding what hope has to offer to the hopeful

Hope is a spiritual virtue of great asset that stands in the company of faith and love in spiritual value (1Cor. 13:13)
Hope was and is the strength of the saint

1. Work of faith
2. Labour of love
3. Patience of hope


i. Abraham had a secret called hope that ushered him into his destiny in God (Rom. 4:17-18)
ii. Job (Jam. 5:11)
– To hope now is to end well; to lose hope is to miss it
The hope of man connects man to the mercy of God


1. Hope is the bedrock of faith (Heb. 11:1; Col. 1:23)
1a. Hope that is concretised equals faith
Nobody can be in faith who is without hope
Faith is only grounded and settled if hope is in place
1b. Hope is the building block of faith
The scarcity of hope is the bankruptcy of faith

2. Hope is the magnet of help (Ps. 121:1-2; 42:5; 146:5)
2a. Hope in God attracts the help of God; for as long as your hope is in place, your help is on the way
2b. The help of God travels in the direction of hope in God
Why everybody is not helped equally is because everybody does not hope equally
Hopelessness is the doorway to helplessness; those who lose hope miss help

3. Hope is a tonic for health (Ps. 42:11; 43:5; Prov. 13:12)
3a. Hope is a vitalizer of health
3b. There is a direct relationship between hope and health – no hope no health, some hope some health, full hope full health!
The end of hope is the beginning of the end of health
Optimism is the fuel for energy

4. Hope is key to life (Ps. 16:8-11; Eccl. 9:4; Job 14:14, 6-7)
4a. Hope is fuel for life
To have the reason to live is to lack the reason to be cut short before your time
4b. Where there is hope there is a will, and where there is a will there is a way!
Hope des not just affect durability of life but also quality of life
What you don’t see coming never comes
Don’t behave and act for where you are, behave and act for where you are going
If the devil can’t stop you from behaving it, the devil can’t stop you from becoming it!

5. Hope is a secret of joy (Prov. 10:28; Rom. 5:2; 1Thess. 2:19; Heb. 3:6; Rom. 12:11-12a)
5a. Hope keeps the tap of joy flowing
You can’t be hopeful and be ‘sad-full’
Anywhere you see hope you see joy; if your joy is dying it is because your hope is disappearing
5b. Hope is the twin of joy
Whatever affects your hope affects your joy

6. Hope is key to rest (Ps. 16:9; Acts 2:26; Job 11:18)
6a. Hope establishes the platform for rest
Hopelessness automatically equals restlessness
6b. Hope establishes assurance and certainty and frustrates anxiety

7. Hope guarantees access to and answers from God (Ps. 38:15; 17:6; 147:11)
7a. Confidence in God guarantees audience with God
7b. To look up to God is to gain access to His ears

8. Hope is cure for shame (Rom. 5:5; Phil. 1:20)
8a. To possess hope is to be dispossessed of shame
8b. Hope is a clothing of nakedness against reproach and shame in life
He who serves God can never be ashamed
It doesn’t matter how hard the devil tries, if he cannot take your eyes off God, he cannot clothe you with shame. Selah!

1. Never allow your hope to be lost irrespective of whatever was lost (Job 14:14; Ruth 1:16-17)
If hope is not lost, joy is not lost and if joy is not lost, your portion is intact (Job 14:14)
Your destiny is connected to your destiny; if you don’t lose hope you won’t lose your destiny

2. Always keep hope alive through the ministry of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:5; Eph. 4:4)
Anytime you see the Spirit move, something is about to change
So if you want to see something change, get the Spirit moving!
The Holy Spirit assists in optimism, enthusiasm, and positivism
When you pray in the Spirit, you recharge your hope batteries

3. Maintain hope beyond the scope of this life (1Cor. 15:19)
Anytime you see the Spirit move, something is about to change

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