University Authority allows Students on OPM Scholarship to receive lectures in their respective classrooms – OPM Media

The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries have recorded another landmark achievement for the benefit of the students on OPM Scholarships in Turkey.

The university authority enforced restrictions to stop students from attending lectures but rather receive lectures online, but after the humble appeal and negotiations with the school authority by Gods servant Apostle Chinyere, the University authority only allowed the students on OPM Scholarships to receive lectures inside class room while other indigenous and foreign students studying in the same institution receives lectures online.

The acceptance of the request becomes necessary for the fact that the 45 students on OPM scholarship comes to school from same location and lived in the same house bought by Apostle Chinyere there in Turkey which is close to the university.
The school authority also considered the fact that their background in terms of computer knowledge requires them to receive lectures from the lecture halls.

You may wish to recall that the General Overseer out of his benevolence and good heart traveled with the beneficiaries of OPM scholarships to Turkey to ensure they settled properly. This visit by Apostle Chinyere led him to discover the high cost of school accommodations in Turkey which made him change his mind and bought a multi million Naira building to ensure the students live comfortably .

Apostle Chinyere have also paid for the books of those students for one year.
As if that is not enough, Gods servant with a golden heart also employed a matron from Nigeria to take care of them. it will also interest you to know that Apostle Chinyere also engaged the services of an administrator, a retired Director with the Ministry of Defense in Nigeria who will be coming to Turkey on Saturday to be with the students.
It will also interest you to know that this is the first time an organization is sending such large number of people on scholarship since the inception of that university.

This is a gesture that will be applauded and appreciated by all.
All these were made possible by the Grace of God who provided the resources to do all this through his servant Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere.

Courtesy: OPM Media

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