It will really be an understatement to say the Omega Power Ministries-OPM church cares so much about the Nigeria youths which can be seen
in the various Scholarship/Poverty Elevation Schemes of the Church as highlighted below.

1. Overseas scholarship for the Youths.
a. For Undergraduates.
b. For First Degree holders in pursuance of a Master’s Degree.

2. Nigerian university scholarship for undergraduates youths.

3. Free Pipeline welding/training for the youths.

4. Free ICT training for the youths.

5. Free Carpentry/Furniture training for the youths.

6. Free Oil Rig training for the youths.

7. Free Scafolding training for theyouths.

8. Free Paint Production training for the youths .

9.Free Electrical Electronics Traning for he youths .

10. Free Generator/Plant maintenance training for the youths.

11. Free Farm and Agricultural trainingfor the youths.

12. Rehabilitation centres provided for those who signed the disarmament program of the church and have partnered the church to mop up light arms and weapons from robbers, cultists, kidnappers, etc which are duly handed over to the Nigeria Police Force while they undergo rehabilitation and reintegration into the society and made to channel their energy towards other useful and productive ventures haven completed the compulsory vocational training.

13.Rehabilitation of Sex workers accommodated in OPM free estates where they are trained on various vocation and given Starter Parks.
By the grace of God Almighty the OPM Church have been in the forefront of taking the Nigerian youths off the street through the aforementioned schemes for well over 10 years and still counting drawing only from the Offerings and Tithes of the church to achieve all of these and more without any form of government support or intervention.

Courtesy: OPM Media

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