Musing On World Politics!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump clinches the American Presidency is not really the main issue for me, my own concern is why some Christians are silent on issues of Abortion, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Gay Marriage, Transgender, Bisexuality, etc.

It’s really an appalling sight to behold! These are not normal times. There seems to be a Satanic ploy from the pit of hell to make Christians ashamed of their core values and convictions.

And I tell you friend; it tastes VERY SOUR!!! I’m afraid in the “days ahead”, a sizeable portion of opprobrious attacks on core Biblical values may come from within the Christian fold.

When I was much younger (in primary and secondary school), the issue of Gay Marriage was unheard of – it was an anathema!

But today, it is gradually being legalized in some nations of the world. I never would have thought that in our life time, people would sit down in the parliament to root for Gay Marriage.

There’s a CULTURE OF ADAPTABILITY that is pervasive in the world and sadly it’s almost gaining inroads into the Church – we ADAPT to virtually every negative trend in the world.

See, dear friend, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE in this hour of dark and gloom in the world.

In my office this morning, a father in the Body of Christ sent me a piece where the United Nations is “supposedly” planning to curtail Christian doctrinal expressions in the modern world under the guise of humanitarian laws.

Here, Abortion and Gay Marriage will be backed up by law to reduce the world population and to also give LGBT groups the right of expression.

You see, as much as we hold our divergent political persuasions, we must however not forget our spiritual roots as God’s children.

Just imagine for a moment the generation after us holding gay wedding ceremonies with receptions and they see it as “THE NEW NORMAL”.

I read some days ago about a young girl in Nigeria here asking the government to grant the lesbians the freedom to practice what they believe.

This world is never the same. Hold fast the mystery of Faith in a pure conscience – 1Tim.3:9. Don’t be ashamed of being a Christian in WORD and in DEED.

Stand in defense of the Faith both privately and publicly. Factor the Scriptures into the equation of your life.

Jesus is coming back again and His Coming is sooner than expected!!!



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