A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 1) (Formerly WHEN AN OPEN DOOR IS A DEADLY TRAP) – Olumide Fatunsin

After the Sunday church service, Angela took her daughter and left for the car park. She was full of smiles and kept confessing, “This is my week of open door.”

The Pastor had declared powerfully during the service that God would surprise them during the week.

As soon as she finished strapping her 4-year-old daughter to the back seat, a young man approached her.

“Hello Sister Angela! I am Bro Matt, a regular member of this church.” Matt greeted her warmly. In like manner, Angela responded standing at the driver’s door.

Matt, a tall and handsome man kept rapping along with sweet words how the Lord visited him during their last Men’s programme with a huge contract running into millions.

Angela, a single mother working in a small company kept enjoying the various suggestions and offers from Matt.

Many thoughts were flying around in the domain of her feeble mind, “Wow, God is good. This is answer to my prayers. The God of Pastor Abraham is wonderful. I will be able to pay my huge debts and the like.”

As if awakened from her mind travel, Mr Matt shook her hand to bid her goodbye. Angela thanked him joyfully.

Immediately she turned her ignition key, she remembered to ask for his contact. She jumped out of her car but Mr Matt has disappeared. Her mood changed quickly but thinking about the conversation, it gave her a renewed hope.

At exactly 8pm that day, her phone rang. She ignored it because her daughter was about to sleep. They had watched an interesting TV program together.

After 30 minutes, her phone rang again. She picked it and behold, it was Mr Matt.

She was surprised how he got her number. Matt simply told her that he found it on the church bulletin. Angela was in the publication department.

Their friendship began with 5 minutes phone call until it graduated to visiting each other.

Angela even shared her testimony in the church how he met bro Matt and how God had transformed her financial status from being a borrower to a lender.

Matt had introduced her to a business which turned out to be a breakthrough for Angela. Her taste changed and her circles of friends increased.

After a year, Angela woke up one morning and what she saw really shook her…

To be continued in Episode 2.

Olumide Fatunsin

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