Sophia held her sister’s hand as they left the airport. As soon as they came out, standing before them was Tony, a friend who had graduated two years ahead of Sophia. He waved at his mother who had accompanied him to the airport. As he turned to go inside, he saw and hugged her. She was glad to see her former tutorial lecturer. As he was in a hurry to go, he gave her his card and bade her goodbye. The journey back to their city was pleasant. Before Vincent and his wife left, they handed the house to them to live in until they found their preferred house. The sisters held their hands together and sang praises to God for all he had done for them and for bringing them into a new phase.

“Sister, I never knew God is so gracious and kind. All the years of hard labour and slavery have come to an end. It’s like I’m still dreaming.” Stella said with tears of joy.

“I can’t imagine we would be living in a big house like this with fat bank account without the help of our uncle. I had thought our lives wouldn’t be complete without him. See how God has shown up to reveal himself as the father of the fatherless and a great helper.” Sophia added.

“He’s a great helper indeed! I never knew God was with us in this voyage since all these years guiding and preserving us from being consumed by the storms of life. He showed up and revealed himself to us that He is indeed our Captain who directs the affairs of our lives.” Stella expressed her thought.

“It’s Indeed a voyage with the Captain. Voyage with the King of kings and Lord of lords. Who are we? He came down to rescue us and show forth His mighty power in and through us. Stella, remember all the sleepless nights of strange dreams without food? How about the curses and known and unknown fears? And countless bad experiences.”

“In all these things, our Captain was with us and He is still leading us to our promised land.” Stella concluded.

They prepared the dinner and ate to their satisfaction. When it was almost midnight, they prayed and went to sleep with no fear or intimidation. The night passed peacefully until the gentle sun shone into their beautiful bedroom. When Sophia woke up, she looked around the room and saw a beautiful photo of them hanging on the wall. None of them noticed it until that morning. Both of them stood before it and looked at it with great admiration written on their faces. Stella saw a note on the table and picked it up to read.

“Dear Sisters,
You are both amazing with beautiful hearts. We cherished our time together with lovely memories. I have fulfilled my father’s wish and hope you will spread love to others too. Life is beautiful with the act of giving and love. Please, keep forging ahead together and God will continue to guide your steps.
We love you.

Stella & Vincent James.

They both hugged each other after reading the lovely note. Sophia promised her sister to be there for her by fulfilling her responsibilities and Stella equally promised to always carry her along and be obedient. They pledged to be one and serve God irrespective of their locations. Sophia was about leaving the room when her phone rang. She was elated to hear Stella James’ voice and they spoke for some minutes about their safe trips and the lovely notes before hanging up. After the breakfast, they went for shopping and changed the appearance of the house to their tastes.

Thereafter, Stella prepared for her exams with the help of private tutors and passed with flying colours. Sophia and Stella attended Sunday’s wedding ceremony and it was beautiful. Ruth was in attendance and it afforded them the opportunity to meet his mother who had been desirous to see them.

“Thank you my daughters. My son has told me a lot about you. If you know the kind of life he lived before, you wouldn’t want to be with him. Thank you very much for showing him the right way. Ever since he began to serve God, he has been of good character and telling others about Jesus too. Thank you my daughters.’ Mama Sunday exclaimed.

“Mama, it’s Jesus who did it. He loves everyone including the criminals. We rejoice with you on this great occasion.” Sophia said as she held Mama’s hand.

Sunday was full of thanks to them and promised to continue to serve God faithfully. Ruth used the opportunity to inform them of Kenneth’s arrest.

“Hallelujah! God has finally vindicated you. He is jealous of His children.” Stella rejoiced with her.

“Yes! Flora is now at peace. Guess what? My brother will be getting married early next year to Flora.” Ruth revealed to them.

She also praised God when she heard the sisters’ testimonies and God’s favour to them. They kept in touch with Stella James until she put to bed. They flew to Sierra Leone to celebrate the arrival of Vincent’s carbon copy. Vincent kept confessing his desire until it manifested. His wife told them she would do the same for a baby girl. It was a happy reunion Indeed!

Life went on with activities rolling upon activities until Sophia finished her National service in one of the northern states. She was able to meet new friends from different tribes of the country. One of the lessons she gained was the possibility of unity and progress through the love of God. As for Stella, she gained admission into one of the universities in the country.

Sophia’s ambition of studying abroad came to pass when she got an offer to study in The Netherlands. It was difficult for the sisters to part ways after staying together for many years. Before she left the country, Uncle Joe informed them of a company’s interest in buying their father’s land. They realised huge amounts of money from it and they in turn blessed Uncle Joe with a worthy portion from it. Aunty Rebecca started a clothing business from the generous gift and Mike and Sharon weren’t left out.

The sisters set up a foundation called, “Sophstel” to take care of the less-privileged females in their town. It was a remarkable project that attracted the attention of the wealthy families who couldn’t impact their community with their money and influence. Engr Victor volunteered to contribute to the great project and it birthed other projects from other families in their town.

Uncle Joe, who now used walking stick was in tears when Sophia finally told him about her travelling abroad. After he had prayed for her, he said,

“Pastor Edwards told me the need for restitution after salvation experience. Now, I want to do one of them.”

“Uncle, what’s the restitution?”

“I lied that your parents died in a car accident but the truth is that I sold the car. I want to give you the money now. I’m really sorry.”

“We knew the truth but kept sealed lips. Uncle, there’s no need to give us the money. We have forgiven you.”

“God bless you my daughter! May God remember you and be with you everywhere you go. May you succeed and make God, our family and our country proud. May all nations call you blessed. It is well with you and your sister. As you forgave me, may your enemies bow before you. God bless you my daughter.” Uncle Joe prayed for her.

It was mixed feelings for her as her uncle called her daughter and realising the transforming power of Jesus in one’s life. She later bade them goodbye. Ruth and Stella accompanied her to the airport on the day of departure. Sophia hugged her sister tightly and prayed for her. She thanked Ruth for her constant support and genuine love. Looking in the direction of where he saw Tony the last time, she remembered he told her in one of the emails that he lived in The Netherlands. She was surprised she had forgotten about it.

Sophia waved at her sister as she took a new step in her life’s journey. The reality of becoming independent srared at Stella’s face but she committed her ways into God’s hands as Ruth had admonished.

The faithful Captain continued to guide them in all areas of their lives with testimonies of academic achievements and fulfilling purposes by putting smiles on the faces of the less-privileged through their foundation. God later paved way for Stella to visit her sister in The Netherlands. During one of the Sundays Stella spent with Sophia, the guest minister happened to be Tony, Sophia’s former tutorial lecturer.

“Many times we may not understand why we pass through storms, walk through fires or face problems, but God is always there to carry us through. If we can see through the eyes of faith, we wouldn’t be worried unnecessarily. The Captain of our salvation neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is able…”

Sophia was drinking the pure message of God until her sister tapped her to stop smiling. She answered her,

“Hasn’t God been faithful?”

“Oh sure he is. Ever faithful and ever sure.” Stella affirmed.

They met Tony after the church service and went to MacDonald to enjoy themselves.

After four months, Sophia sent a text message to her sister,

“Tony heeft me eindelijk voorgesteld.”

Stella quickly replied her sister,

“Do the Dutch translation yourself. Sister, speak the language I understand ooo …”

Sophia decided to call her,

“Tony has finally proposed to me!”

“Hallelujahhhhh. At last! I know you like tall guy with dark complexion and God has brought him your way.” Stella said jokingly.

“Not only that, I love him because he is a Christian who believes and loves God passionately. In fact, God has shown us that He is indeed a faithful father.”

“Yes! He is our faithful Captain! Sister, he will be with you and guide you in this new journey.” Stella said joyfully.

Immediately Sophia ended the call, she knelt down to praise God for His manifold blessings in their lives. When she finished praising God, her phone rang.

“Sophia, I love you!” Tony told her with enthusiasm.

Sophia gently sat on her bed and replied warmly,

“I love you too.”

They continued their conversation…


Olumide Fatunsin

Glory be to God for the end of VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN.

I bless God for His grace and enablement. Thank you Jesus!

Have you been blessed by this story?

Let’s hear your testimonies, lessons and contributions.

Thank you and God bless you!

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