VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 38) – Olumide Fatunsin

Aunty Rebecca hugged the sisters and started blessing them. Later, Uncle Joe put his hands on their shoulders, begged them again and then prayed for them from the depth of his heart. After the prayers, he went inside while his wife thanked them again. When the people saw Uncle Joe coming out of his room, they shouted and moved back. He brought out some strange gods, magical books, cowries, a padlock.and other things. He knelt beside the items and declared before them,

“These gods couldn’t give me peace nor heal me. My life has been full of sorrows and fears. I’m sick and tired of living in fear and I thank God for delivering me from devil’s bondage.”

Sophia and Stella didn’t know what to say rather than to encourage him to continue to serve God. To clear his doubt, he asked them,

“What should I do with these things?”

Sophia replied,

“You can throw them away.”

“No! Burn them. Burn them completely.” Stella James said authoritatively.

“I once heard my Pastor preached how an occultic man in our city came to Christ Jesus and he burnt his occultic items. He cited the story in Acts chapter 19 verse 19 how the early believers burnt their magical books and other evil things after they had believed in Jesus.” She added.

She stepped forward to pack them with the help of Sophia who was a bit afraid of the strange items. When Sophia picked the padlock, Uncle Joe quickly told her to drop it.

“Ha! Don’t throw it away. I need to open the padlock.”

“Why? It’s an old padlock.” Sophia asked him.

“Yes, I know! There’s more to it. This isn’t an ordinary padlock. It is a destiny killer. ”

“A destiny killer? How?” Sophia asked further.

“Hmnn, I’m sorry. In an attempt to make you dance to my tune and inherit what your father had left behind, I sought the help of an herbalist.who gave me this special padlock. As long as this is locked, both of you will struggle to make it life. What others find easy to achieve, you will struggle to achieve.” He revealed.

There was pindrop silence as he continued his revelation,

“I had determined you would stay with us and that no man would marry you until you reached the age of 40. I’m sorry.”

Stella who was almost in tears asked her sister what should be done. Sophia turned to him and asked,

“Is there any remedy?”

“Yes! The key is among the items.”

She searched for it and gave it to him. Uncle Joe cleaned the key and tried it five times before it could be opened. He showed them the opened padlock and reverse all the curses pronounced on them. They later burned all the things with prayers going on in the background. Sunday who had been hiding at the backyard joined them when they burned them. One of the men tried to challenge Sunday but Uncle Joe forbad him.

Aunty Rebecca prepared food for them and they rejoiced together before leaving later in the evening. Uncle Joe persuaded the sisters to stay behind but they refused. Sophia promised to visit them some days after. They eventually got home late in the evening rejoicing for what the Lord had done.

Early in the morning on the following day, Sunday came to meet Sophia in the sitting room to express his desire to start a new life in another city. She later informed Vincent and his wife who supported his decision and encouraged him to go ahead. Sophia and Stella James prayed for him and his fiancée before they left in the afternoon.

“We are planning to get married in three month’s time.” Sunday declared

Vincent teased him to be a good husband and not a broken bottle fighter at home. They burst into laughter.

“I didn’t know what came over me yesterday but I know God will help me.” He confessed.

“Sure! We need to seek God’s help to uproot the adamic nature and purify our hearts to serve Him in truth and holiness. Please, find a Bible believing church and fellowship with God’s children in order to grow and be matured spiritually.” Stella James encouraged him.

Vincent and his wife gave him money to start a legal business with a promise to keep in touch with him. Vincent later took them to the motor park.

A week later, Stella James began to transfer the money into Sophia’s bank account as earlier promised. Both sisters went to pack their remaining belongings from their Uncle’s house. They didn’t force them to stay back after listening to their reasons. Sophia handed them over to Pastor Edwards who pastored a small church around their house. She had seen him many times preaching to some market women and people in their neighbourhood. She remembered vividly how the same Pastor Edwards tried to preach to him but he withstood him vehemently and warned him never to step into his house again. When Sophia told him of his new faith, he gladly accepted to be visiting him. Before they left, she told him that Stella would write her final exams in the same school in their town.

“How are you going to fend for yourself and live in the state capital? Things are expensive nowadays.” Uncle Joe asked.

Sophia smiled and told him,

“Our God is able to take care of us. We will keep in touch with you.”

When they got back to their base, Vincent and Stella finally informed them of their departure date.

“What! Two week’s time? We will miss you.” The sisters said with mixed feelings.

They promised to be visiting Nigeria from time to time because of Vincent’s parents and his business interest. Sophia used that period to submit her project’s hard copies and her supervisor congratulated her for her good grades. The two sisters’ relationship with Stella James grew intimately and they fell in love with Sierra Leone too. She revealed many things about her family, business, church and country. When Sophia mentioned her interest in pursuing her education in Europe, Stella James promised to shoulder part of her responsibilities. The sisters were so glad and praised God for turning again their captivities.

Days rolled into weeks and they were at the airport to bid them goodbye. They hugged one another and thanked the couple for their faithfulness, support, love and sincerity. Stella couldn’t hold back her tears when they waved at them.
Sophia held her sister’s hand as they left the airport. As soon as they came out, standing before them was…

To be continued in Episode 39.

Olumide Fatunsin

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