VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 37) – Olumide Fatunsin

There was noise in the house already when they saw the state of Uncle Joe. However, the sisters held their hands and began to praise God. Some of the women were weeping and tried to comfort her until they heard a noise from outside. Vincent and Sunday went outside and saw some men shouting. When Sunday saw them, he ran inside the house and hid himself at the backyard. Vincent knew straightaway that he might know them. The men were shouting and demanded to know who was behind their master’s strange sickness.

As soon as they entered the house, they saw Sophia and Stella praising and worshipping God. Both men and women formed s circle around them watching them as they held hands together with tears on their faces. It was a difficult attempt to obey God and to pray for their taskmaster who had done them wrong for years. The more they sang praises to God, the more they felt peace in their hearts.

The sisters were lost in God’s presence. Stella at a point began to ask God to help her to forgive them completely. The more they praised God, Uncle Joe began to turn little by little. The sisters didn’t know what was happening as they closed their eyes in worship. Aunty Rebecca surged forward to hold his hand. When they finished singing praises to God, aunty Rebecca turned to them to help him to recover completely.

“It’s God who can heal. We are just instruments in His hand. God will glorify Himself aunty Rebecca.” Sophia assured her.

Stella told her sister the need to pronounce forgiveness over him and pray for him. They both confessed to his hearing,

“Uncle Joe, we forgive you from the depth of our hearts and cancel all the negative words we have spoken against you in the name of Jesus.”

“Thank you Sophia! Thank you Stella!” Aunty Rebecca said.

The sisters were surprised to hear that from her. She was fond of cursing and abusing them but the storm in their family has changed everything including her speech. Sophia felt a notch from the Holy Spirit to ask him to confess Jesus Christ as his Lord.

She turned to him as he looked at them with amazement. She asked him,

“Will you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?”

He looked at the men who stood around him as if he needed their permission. Aunty Rebecca who had been attentive to them knelt in front of them and said,

“I’m willing and ready to accept Jesus into my life.”

Sophia and Stella were embarrassed by her attitude. Sophia pleaded with her to rise on her feet but she refused. One of the men standing there shouted,

“Never! This is an abomination! Have you forgotten what happened to Collins, one of us who accepted this white man’s religion? Let me tell you, He died miserably.”

Another man added,

“What will happen to your reputation? I bet you will live and die wretched. You better think twice before you accept this strange religion!”

Before another man spoke, Uncle Joe indicated he wanted to accept Jesus too. Without any delay, Sophia asked them to confess their sins to God, repent of them and believe Jesus died and rose again for their justification. Both of them did so and Sophia prayed for them. The look on the people revealed the depth of their shock. Some of the men went outside in anger while the rest stood there akimbo.

Aunty Rebecca was still thanking the sisters when they heard some of the women shouting. The moment aunty Rebecca looked back, she saw her husband standing on his feet. There was shout of jubilation in the house for what the Lord has done. Sophia and Stella were surprised to see the miracle too. Mama Remi, mama chioma, Mrs Lilian, Mr David, Willy, the mechanic and Yemi, the dangerous scorpion (One of Uncle Joe’s men) came forward to give their lives to Jesus when they saw the instant miracle. Stella James, Sophia and her sister prayed for them as they surendered their lives to Jesus Christ. It was a moment of great encounter with God.

The people there rejoiced with Uncle Joe as he began to walk around the house to prove the miracle God has done for him. Afterwards, people started trooping to their house to confirm the truth. Uncle Joe who was full of joy began to tell the people the evils he did to the sisters and how the power of forgiveness brought him out of bondage of the devil and healed him. The biblical story of Zacchaeus who confessed his past evil deeds before Jesus and the people played back in Sophia’s memory as she watched his uncle confessing his past evil deeds too.

Later, he called Sophia and Stella in their presence and hugged them with tears of joy.

“I’m sorry for all the maltreatment. I know I was guilty and Jesus has forgiven me as you told me. If I were in your shoes, I don’t think I could forgive anyone. Ha! How did you do it?” Uncle Joe confessed.

“It was difficult for us to forgive you and your wife but God gave us His grace. We didn’t know what would happen but we just obeyed God.” Sophia declared.

“Your God is a true God.” One the people shouted.

Another person said,

“My wife didn’t cook my food on time and called me a lady man. I haven’t forgiven her since last week. In fact, I have refused to accept her apology. Ha! I still have a long way to go. Let me go and forgive her.” Mr Pedro confessed.

Aunty Rebecca hugged the sisters and started blessing them. Later, Uncle Joe put his hands on their shoulders, begged them again and then prayed for them from the depth of his heart. After the prayers, he went inside while his wife thanked them again. When the people saw Uncle Joe coming out of his room, they shouted and …

To be continued in Episode 38.

Olumide Fatunsin

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