VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 36) – Olumide Fatunsin

Stella was in tears when she recalled how she sold herself cheaply to him. When they reached Uncle Joe’s house, they saw a police van packed outside. They stayed inside their minibus until two policemen came out with Chief Anslem.

“What’s Chief Anslem doing here?” Stella asked surprisingly.

“Do you know him?” Vincent asked her.

“Yes! He’s known for his illegal business activities and thuggery in this town. I’m sure this is the payback time for Uncle Joe.” Sophia added.

Chief Anslem talked briefly with the policemen before leaving in their vehicles. After some minutes, Stella’s phone rang. Ruth told her what the Lord said,

“The Lord impressed it on my heart to tell you that someone needs healing and that you have the healing power. I don’t seem to understand but I know God wants to help you.”

“Healing power? I really need healing for my hurting heart. Please, I don’t have any healing power.” Stella replied her.

“God will heal you. Whatever that healing power meant, God will give you. I strongly believe that your healing power is dependent on its usage. Heal others and you will be healed.” Ruth affirmed.

“Ruth, don’t tell me I need to forgive those who have wronged me. I need healing myself…” Stella confessed to her.

“Exactly! It’s getting clearer now. Maybe your healing is dependent on forgiving others. Oh my God! I know it’s difficult but your healing is dependent on it.” Ruth added.

“We are finding it difficult to let go of the past. We don’t have the ability to forgive…”

Ruth cut in,

“That’s the truth. No one has the ability to forgive others except by the grace of God. Only by the grace of God! God will help you if you ask him.”

After the call, she told her sister what Ruth explained and they sighed deeply. Vincent made fun of what Ruth had said,

“Pay them back in their own coin. Hand for hand! Anyway, life is beautiful.”

“Dear, have you forgotten what my dad said about Mr Philips before he died? He told me how Mr Philips offended him but he forgave him.” Stella James replied her husband.

“You mean our father?” Sophia asked.

“Yes! One of the employees accused him of impregnating her. He denied it until the truth finally came out. My father had defended him all along until he opened up. The woman happened to be a relative who later lost the pregnancy after a minor accident. It brought a set back in their business and he was suspended. After much pleading for forgiveness, my father forgave him in conjunction with the woman’s acceptance. If you remember, he returned to Nigeria around April then.”

Sophia and Stella were touched by the revelation. Stella James concluded,

“My father forgave him of his infidelity and the great loss to the business. When he left, my father still thought it right to compensate him out of love. Lest I forget, he received forgiveness of his sins from Jesus Christ before he went to the great beyond. Don’t mind my husband’s utterance. I didn’t intend to reveal this but was forced to drive home what Ruth said. I strongly believe in the healing power of forgiveness. Though it’s difficult, God’s grace is sufficient.”

Sophia and her sister were engraced by the testimony and the reality of the truth about their father. They knew beyond doubt that it was the truth. They recalled how their mother told them of their father’s wrong behaviour in Sierra Leone. They didn’t know what she meant then but they knew something happened in Sierra Leone.

Later, they alighted from the minibus and went inside the house. They saw Aunty Rebecca weeping on the chair while uncle Joe lay still on the bed breathing heavily. She didn’t say anything but gazed at Sophia to hear what she would say,

“Aunty Rebecca, my sister and I have decided to forgive you and your husband.”

Her face shone with joy and she rose up suddenly. She went to tap her husband to inform him of their decision.

“Dear, they have forgiven us!” She repeated it but there was no answer from him.

“My dear! May dear!! Are you listening to me?” She shook him vigorously.

Sophia and Stella ran to his side to know what has happened.

“Uncle… Uncle… Wake up!” Sophia shouted.

Aunty Rebecca was already weeping and biting her finger. Some of the neighbours rushed in when they heard her cry.

“Sister, remember what Ruth said.” Stella said.

“Yes! We have already forgiven them.”

“No! She said we have healing power too.”

There was noise in the house already when they saw the state of Uncle Joe. However, the sisters held their hands and began to praise God. Some of the women were weeping and tried to comfort her until they heard…

To be continued in Episode 37.

Olumide Fatunsin

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