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The message of Jesus Christ to the seven Churches cannot be over emphasized, because it is still very relevant till date. Apostle John, during his exile on the Islands of Patmos (A.D 90 – 95), had a revelation of Jesus Christ asking him to send messages to the seven churches which were located in Asia. The content of this message is another indicator that God wants 100% obedience and nothing else (Mathew 5:48). There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from these messages sent to the churches in Asia, and it is important that we understudy them as we strive to perfection.



ØThey were hardworking.

ØThey had perseverance.

ØThey had intolerance for wicked men.

ØThey had the knowledge of testing and appraising messengers of Christ to ascertain their genuineness.

ØThey were resilient believers.

ØThey hated the works of the Nicolaitans.

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