VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 35) – Olumide Fatunsin

The sisters stood back when they saw the old man in Sunday came alive and he picked an empty bottle on the dinning table, smashed it and ran towards Uncle Joe who was on his sickbed. Immediately he pushed Aunty Rebecca aside to gain access to him, Vincent held his right hand and collected the broken bottle from him. Sophia and Stella were affightened when they saw his violent behaviour. Sunday tried to free his hand from Vincent but he couldn’t.

“Give me my money! You would have been dead by now wicked man.” He threatened.

Aunty Rebecca was helpless as she stood near her husband who couldn’t respond to his threats. Vincent still held his hands and warned him to come to his senses. After a while, Stella whispered to her sister’s ear and she nodded.

“So, you were the one who set our father’s farm on fire?” Sophia challenged him.

“Ha! I didn’t know. I did it in my ignorance. I was so desperate for money then but this man deceived me. I’m sorry.” Sunday confessed.

Stella James who had been watching them went to her husband and asked him to release him. Aunty Rebecca who couldn’t stand the chaos started begging Sophia and her sister to forgive them. What touched them most was the pleading gesticulation from Uncle Joe.

“Why are you begging us?” Sophia asked them.

Aunty Rebecca came near with tears to narrate what happened some days earlier,

“My husband went to a herbalist to finalise the sacrifice…”

“Which sacrifice?” Sophia asked her.

“To make you…to make you… make you mad.”

“Ha!” They shouted. Stella cleaved to her sister out of fear.

“I told you he is a wicked man. I didn’t know you have been living with this lion for some years. Hmnn… God will require the innocent blood from your hands. I swear!” Sunday said angrily.

“Sophia, we are sorry. When he arrived home at midnight after the herbalist had told him to wait for the good news of your madness, he began to scratch his body shouting Sophia…Sophia…” Rebecca narrated.

“Why did he shout my name? What did I do?” Sophia asked her.

Uncle Joe turned his back with tears on his face. His wife explained,

“He said he saw a tall man in white apparel who told him he had touched his anointed and would die soon. He became weak suddenly and couldn’t move his legs again. He has been in severe pain for some days now.”

“But the man didn’t mention my name?” Sophia asked.

“My husband saw the man in white apparel holding your hand lovingly with a wall of fire around you. My husband saw you. Yes, he saw you. Please, forgive us.” She begged again.

Sophia was surprised to hear the testimony and remembered what a friend once told her during her undergraduate days.

“God is always jealous of His children. He that touches them touches the apple of his eyes. A woman once threatened to deal with my elder sister who is Christian. It’s a pity the woman died within seven days she set for my sister. Before she died, she confessed that my elder sister serves a living and fearful God.” Juliet told her

Sophia feared God and knew how her salvation in Christ Jesus has shielded her from the onslaught of the enemies.
They were moved by her weeping and pleading for forgiveness but Sunday warned them not to fall for her tricks.

“And you told us you were warned to forgive your enemies? Am I right?” Vincent reminded him.

“But their atrocities is beyond forgiveness. They must be punished for their evil deeds.” Sunday defended his assertion.

The sisters didn’t know what else to do when their gory experiences in their hands played back in their memories. It brought deep pains in their hearts and they left the house immediately. Others were taken aback by their action and they ran after them. Aunty Rebecca tied her wrapper very well and ran after them too. She was on her kneels pleading with them to forgive them.

“Let’s go!’ Sophia ordered.

Stella James tried to discourage her from leaving but she shouted again,

“I said, let’s go!”

Sophia and her sister were in deep thoughts as they left their town. Along the way, Sophia became restless and asked Vincent to turn back. It took the effort of Stella James who quickly cautioned her husband from replying with hurtful words. Vincent was driving on top speed when he almost hit a car parked by the roadside. The owner came out without minding the oncoming car. Stella Philips immediately recognised him and begged Vincent to reverse.

Stella alighted from the car and her sister followed her. He tapped the man who was trying to fix his tyre,

“Hello sir!”

“Hello Madam!”

“Who’s your madam? Don’t you recognise me again?” Stella asked him.

“I can’t recognise you.” He denied.

“Ok. You don’t recognise me? No problem.” Stella told him when a woman came out of the car.

“Hello Ma! What’s the problem?”

“This man denied he ever met me before.” Stella replied.

“Sorry. He is my husband. Is there any problem?”

The man asked his wife to enter the car but she insisted she must find out the problem.

“This man, I mean Mr Boris promised to marry me but he abandoned me after getting pregnant for him.”

“What! My husband?”


“He isn’t Mr Boris but Banji. He has never stepped out of Nigeria before. Why are men like this? Banji…Banji…”

He was buried fixing the tyre and his wife pulled the sleeves of his shirt and asked,

“Do you know her or not? You know what I’m capable of doing?”

“Yes! It was the devil who…” His wife slapped him before he could blame the devil.

Sophia turned to his wife and narrated her sister’s ordeal and how she lost the pregnancy at the end. She pleaded with them to pardon her husband who joined to beg her. Stella couldn’t press further because it was their mutual consent. His wife descended on him with curses and they left the couple to sort themselves out.

Stella was in tears when she recalled how she sold herself cheaply to him. When they reached Uncle Joe’s house, they saw…

To be continued in Episode 36.

Olumide Fatunsin

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