VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 34) -Olumide Fatunsin

Aunty Rebecca’s cry caught her attention,

“Sophia, please I don’t want my husband to die. Someone told us to beg you. Please, for my children’s sake, have mercy!”

Sophia asked her,

“So you can cry for mercy after maltreating us for years? Who told you to beg me?”

Aunty Rebecca cleared her throat before answering her,

“One of the herbalists told us to beg someone we have wronged deeply.”

“Then why did you conclude it’s me?”

“Sophia, we need your help. We are sorry for whatever we have done. Please, we …”

Sophia heard a cry from the other end and the call ended abruptly. She turned and told them what she heard. Stella James suggested they should go to their town to know the situation but Stella Philips rejected it. They were still considering whether to go or not when they heard a knock on the door. Vincent came down to answer the person.

They were surprised to see Sunday again with a lady. When they had settled down, Sunday rehearsed what happened and how his mother was rescued from the enemies who went in search of him. Juliet, his girlfriend got wind of their plot and took his mother to her place until she heard a word from him. They expressed their gratitude to her and rejoiced with Sunday for his support.

Later on as they were engrossed in their discussion, Sunday offered to follow them to their town against Juliet’s wish. She reminded him of the plans of his boss and the rumours of his involvement in criminal acts. When he thought of the repercussion, he remembered the dream he had before about restituting his ways. He fought hard against the thought of abandoning restitution but God helped him. Vincent was skeptical of Sunday and watched his body language to be sure.

“Your love for me has made me to turn a new leaf. Though I had evil intention of hurting Sophia and Vincent before, your love overpowered and changed me. I only knew hatred and revenge before but God has enabled me to forgive my enemies.” Sunday confessed.

“Forgiveness? How easy is that?’ Vincent asked.

“I had a dream two days ago when a man warned me not to harbour any hatred but forgive all. He told me his grace is sufficient. The first thing I did was to forgive my mother who I had abandoned in the village for reporting my illegal activities to my Uncle who later stopped supporting me. Remember I spoke ill of my girlfriend here that she was after my money. I never knew she was using it to take care of my mother. I have to openly forgive her and I can’t describe the joy in my heart right now.” Sunday said with joy.

His testimony touched Sophia and she made up her mind to seek God’s face. They went to sleep later in the night but Sophia’s couldn’t sleep as the Lord dealt with her on what she needed to do. She prayed and cried to God for guidance and help. On the following day, they travelled to their town. Sophia and Stella held their hands as they went inside house while Vincent, his wife, Sunday and Juliet stayed inside the mini bus. They met Mama Patience at the entrance who was shocked to see them. They ignored her and went inside where their uncle lay and his wife crying. They greeted her but she decided to rail accusation on them. Sophia had already warned her sister not to utter a word there.

“God will punish you. You have repaid me with evil and evil will not depart from your life.” She cursed.

They didn’t answer her. Their uncle tried to talk to them but he burst into tears. As they stood there, they noticed their children were absent. Stella perceived they might be with their neighbour. After a while, Sunday came in to check them when they didn’t hear anything from them. Immediately Aunty Rebecca saw him, she screamed.

“You? What do you want again?

Uncle Joe turned his head to see him and he raised his hand at him instead as he couldn’t talk well. Sophia asked him if he knew them.

*Yes! Do you know them too?”

“Of course. He is our uncle.” Sophia told him.

“So both of you conspired together to finish your job. It will fail. I said, you have failed.” Aunty Rebecca clapped her hands.

“Ma’am, this is the man I worked for some years ago.” Sunday confessed.

“Shut up! What do you want again? Get out of here!” Rebecca ordered him.

The sisters knew something wasnt adding up, so they asked him to tell them what he knew about them.

“This man still owed me money for the job I did for him.”

“Which job?” Stella asked him.

“I set on fire some crops on a piece of land some years ago along the old hospital road. He promised to balance the money but he refused.” He said.

Sophia and Stella looked at each other and knew it was their father’s land. Stella wanted to slap him but Sophia pulled her back.

“Shut up! Get out of here!” Rebecca ordered him again.

The sisters stood back when they saw the old man in Sunday came alive and he picked an empty bottle on the dinning table, smashed it and ran …

To be continued in Episode 35.

Olumide Fatunsin

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