VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 33) – Olumide Fatunsin

When they got home, Sophia received an urgent call from aunty Rebecca. Sophia was surprised but she decided not to pick it. However, Vincent and his wife advised her to pick it. It was a nod from her sister that made her to pick it.

“Hello Ma!”

“Sophia! Sophia!! What did you do to my husband?”

“What did I do? Sophia’s response made them to pay attention to her.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what you did? I knew it! I knew it!!”

“Aunty Rebecca, tell me what’s on your mind? Please, go straight to your point.”

“Sophia! Sophia!!:Sophia!!! How many times did I call you?”

“Three times…”

“You are a witch! I knew it. What power are you using? Tell me!”

Sophia laughed before responding to her question,

“Is that the reason you called me? If you called me a witch, so be it. Is that all? Bye.” Her sister wanted to collect her phone to reply her but Sophia refused.

“Hello…Helloo…” Aunty Rebecca refused to drop the call.

Sophia decided to continue with her,

“Aunty, what’s the problem?”

“Your uncle had been bedridden for the past three days. Sophia! Release my husband…I beg you…release my husband…”

She paused before answering her,

“So, you can beg me? Are you for real Aunty Rebecca? You want me to release your husband? Then, go and look for two heads of baboons, the tail of a python, the egg of an ostrich and a live vulture to do the sacrifice.” They burst into laughter.

Aunty Rebecca didn’t hear their laughter but asked,

“Sophia! You mean you are truly behind my husband’s predicaments? God will punish you for your wickedness…”

Sophia changed her tone and challenged her aunt,

“Let’s leave joke aside, you have the audacity to tell me that God will punish me for my wickedness? Aunty, you need to be ashamed of yourself. Who maltreated us? Who made us to work like donkeys? Who plotted to take the only inheritance our father left for us? Who sold my sister into the hands of evil men? Who made her to swear to an oath? Who inflicted deep pains on our bodies? Who tried to deny us of education? Who hated and avoided us like a plague? Aunty, let me stop for now. Aunty, this is just the beginning of your sorrow. Wicked woman!”

“God will punish you for what you just said. Release my husband! Old witch!”

“Is that all? Take care and regards to the family!” Sophia ended the call.

The anger on her face was visible and revealed the sorrow within her heart. Stella, Vincent and his wife tried to calm her down. They were still discussing when aunty Rebecca called again but she ignored it.

“They must be punished and put behind bar for their atrocities. We endured everything because we didn’t Know who could help us! Stella threatened.

“But we have a big God now who is our strong tower and defence. He is our buckler, Saviour and Man of war. No enemy can stand against us because we are on the winning side!” Sophia declared.

Stella insisted their uncle and wife must be punished. Vincent also suggested that his friend in the police force could be of help by showing them the steps to take. They all agreed to ensure they get their rewards of years of wickedness. Later in the evening, Sophia and her sister revealed many atrocities their uncle and his wife committed against them and others. Stella made a scary confession of how their uncle tried one night to have a carnal knowledge of her. His wife saw him and capitalised on that opportunity to have him sponsor her younger brother’s university education.

“I have known her to be an opportunist. She’s cunning and can go to any length to achieve her goals. But Stella, why did you keep all these secrets away from me? Who knows what still lies in the deep well of your heart?” Sophia told her with serious concern.

“I’m sorry my sister. Like I said earlier, my hands were tied. I lived in fear daily. The only people who comforted me were their children. They are kind-hearted unlike their parents.”

“God bless Mike and Sharon. Remember the nights they would bring foods for us and told us all would be well? May God bless their sincerity.”

“I remember. Sharon once told me she would like to follow her mother to a zoo.” Stella said.

“Why?” Stella James asked.

“To show her semblance to Lion’s anger ”

They laughed it off.

During the night, both sisters had the same dreams. Sophia was the first person to tell her dream in the morning.

“I kept hearing vengeance belongs to me… Vengeance belongs to me… through the night.”

Stella also confirmed the same dream. They ruminated on it and then shared it with Vincent and his wife.

“No way! Don’t bring religion into this matter. What has come over you? We will fight this battle and win. Nothing will change my mind!” Vincent said angrily.

“This isn’t about religion my dear. We will not sweep it under the carpet. But what they’re saying is that we should exercise patience.” His wife admonished.

“That’s not possible. That’s why I hate religion. Instead of fighting for your rights, you will be shouting let the will of God be done. No wonder the whites are better than us. Why did God give us brains?” He asked.

“To think!” They chorused.

“Then think! Think!! Do the right thing.” He said and left their midst.

The women looked at one another not knowing what else to say. Sophia was in deep thought when her sister tapped her.

“Sister, I want to suggest we…” Then, Sophia’s phone rang.

“This woman is calling again.” They encouraged her to pick it.

“His condition is deteriorating. Please, release him!” Aunty Rebecca cried out.

“Let him die!” She responded angrily.

“Ha!” Stella James and Stella Philips were shocked to hear that.

Realising her harsh words, she softened her tone,

“Aunty Rebecca, I don’t Know anything about your husband’s sickness. Please, go and seek forgiveness from those you have wronged. Or have you forgotten them? Go and do the needful. By the way, why are you disturbing me with your calls?

“He is your uncle. I’m talking about your Uncle Joe. At least, show a bit of kindness. Release him!”

Sophia’s anger was kindled again,

“Aunty, I didn’t tie your husband down. Let him confess his sins and ask for forgiveness. Please, don’t call my number again.”

Aunty Rebecca’s cry caught her attention,

“Sophia, please I don’t want my husband to die. Someone told us to beg you. Please, for my children’s sake, have mercy!”

Sophia asked her,

“So you can cry for mercy after maltreating us for years? Who told you to beg me?”

Aunty Rebecca cleared her throat before answering her…

To be continued in Episode 34.

Olumide Fatunsin

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