I wish those in authority will realize that no nation goes to war against its youths and return with victory. Every victory gotten at the expense of the actual purpose of the unrest is a defeat postponed.

For young people who are educated, intelligent and technologically savvy to be on the streets without a political motivator or sponsor for two weeks, rejecting money and yet without violence should send a message to the authorities that this is not a battle you win with the force of intimidation. Their anger and drive is deep rooted from the heart not the head.

These are people saying, we don’t want to be tagged as cyber criminals, drug couriers, kidnappers, armed robbers etc anymore.
They are sending a message that they are tired of being victims of xenophobic attacks in foreign lands without adequate response from their leaders. They are saying, they are tired of being harassed and intimidated in foreign lands because they bear the green passport. They desire a home they can be proud of. A home they can stay without being under immigration pressures.

If this set of people are forced to go underground without addressing the core issues, their return will be more fatal to the Nigerian state, its Senior citizens their families and investments globally.

I pray some wise and honorable men are urgently contacted to interface with them.

What is the use of winning a war in the immediate and losing the peace ultimately.

Let the voice of reason prevail very urgently!

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