VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 32) – Olumide Fatunsin

Stella cleared her throat and wiped her face,

“I know who was behind it.”


“Chief Anslem’s boys!”

‘What! You mean Azully and…

“Azully wasn’t among them. Only Osloman, Obtruso and Blacky were in the car.”

“My God! Were they waiting for you or what?” Sophia asked her.

“It was a mistake. They thought I was their target. Blacky later told me when another group bought me.”

“Bought you. How?”

“Blacky pleaded with them to release me and they promised on one condition that is, to follow their instruction.”

“Which instruction?”

“To keep an eye on me in the forest with the other gangs until they found a substitute.”

“My God! I remember it was the same Blacky who rescued me and told me to flee from our town when the enemies were after me.” Sophia told her.

“He was the one who tried to rescue us from the captors.” Ruth said sorrowfully.

“Where is Blacky now?” Sophia asked them.

Stella and Ruth sighed deeply.

“He tried all tactics to rescue us until that day he called some of his partners in this city to receive us. I think when he tried to call a man called Sunny snake bite (SSB) that …” Stella narrated.

“Isn’t that Sunday?” Vincent asked.

“Oh yes… I remembered Sunday received a call from Blacky. So, he was with you.” Sophia asked.

“Yes! He was so kind. He had successfully brought us out of their den and guided us until we reached a place where he called Sunday. Unfortunately, a stray bullet hit him when they began to fire randomly. We knew they had discovered our plot. We hid ourselves and I used his phone to call my phone knowing fully well you would pick it. I passed out as I made that call.” Stella narrated.

“I was troubled when I couldn’t hear you again. My God! So, what happened?”

“We began to find out way through the forest by the grace of God. I know God guided and preserved us. I had to help Stella each time we advanced because she was so tired.” Ruth added.

“Sister, help me thank Ruth for her sincerity and love. She stood with me and we bonded there. Inspite of our horrible condition, she still introduced me to Jesus Christ in a more intimate way. I had known him superficially but now as a dear friend.” Stella praised Ruth.

“Hallelujah!” Sophia and Stella James rejoiced with her.

“I don’t know how I did it. I remembered God had repeatedly told me to meditate on the biblical account of Paul and Silas in the prison.” Ruth said.

“I think that’s Acts chapter 16 from verse…” Stella James tried to remember.

“From verse 25:to 34” Ruth completed it.


Ruth continued,

“The more I meditated on it, the more the Lord told me to prepare ahead. I had thought the Lord wanted me to begin prison evangelism until I found myself in the kidnapper’s den. The Lord reminded me of Paul, Silas and the jailor. He specifically told me to reach out to Stella.and preach the gospel to her. I was reluctant at first but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t leave me. Immediately I obeyed, she surrendered her life to Jesus. I was even surprised but God took the glory.”

Stella reminded her of Roseline.

“Oh I remembered. I tried to preach to her too but she rejected. Unfortunately, she died mysteriously the next day. It really pained me when I realised the end of every sinner who fails to repent and accept Jesus Christ. Hell fire is the final destination of such people.” Ruth said solemnly.

Vincent trembled when he heard of hell fire but dismissed the thought later. Sophia held her sister’s hands, looked at her intensely and hugged her.

“We have conquered. God is on our side my sister. Our Captain is with us on this voyage. We will not be drowned but triumph in the name of Jesus. I love you my sister.” Sophia hugged her sister with tears of joy on their faces

Vincent and his wife reaffirmed their mission to them again and pledged their full support. Then, Sophia brought out the documents in their presence and explained everything to her sister who couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the amounts given to them.

“Are you sure? Am I dreaming?”

“Yes! My father left it for your father and they are yours. Your father laboured for it and it’s your right to enjoy the fruit of his labour.” Stella James told Stella and her sister.

“One more thing, we would love you to come and celebrate with us in Sierra Leone when my carbon copy is born. That’s my only request.” Vincent said joyfully and it elicited laughter from them.

“Of course. We will surely visit you. My sister and I are grateful for your great support, love and allowing God to use you for us.” Sophia thanked them profusely.

“I’m yet to recover. You mean our father didn’t leave us to suffer. I’m grateful for your sincerity and genuine love for us. Right now, I don’t feel any pain again.” Stella confessed but her sister cut in,

“Ok Stella but you still need to take your medicine and go and rest now.” She gently led her to her room while the rest continued their discussion.

All through the night, Sophia thought on how to deal with their Uncle and what lay ahead. She was lost in her thought until the Holy Spirit prompted her to acknowledge and seek the face of God. It was strange to her hearing that still small voice of God. She looked around to be sure she heard right. The prompting continued until she surrendered herself to pray. She found herself praying and praying until she was sure the Lord had answered her. She was strengthened spiritually and she began to have divine ideas on steps to take in regards to their uncle and other areas of her life. That night experience changed her perspective about decision making and putting God first in all areas of her life.

After two days, Ruth decided to leave and visit her parents. It was hard for her to leave after she had seen the fruit of her labour prospering spiritually. Stella promised to keep in touch and continue to serve God faithfully. They embraced each other after she had prayed for them. Sophia praised her for her doggedness and love for God. They followed her to the motor park after rejecting Vincent’s offer to take her to her destination.

When they got home, Sophia received an urgent call from …

To be continued in Episode 33.

Olumide Fatunsin

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