Hello beloved,

I hope this meets you well.

2020 is already a very interesting year for the nations of the world, especially Nigeria. Especially Nigeria because of the recent social clangour and political clamour within its shores just almost immediately after the COVID-19 lock down.

The Lord had prepared His church for such a time as this because He is eternally ahead of the curve of human civilisation. Nothing catches Him off guard in the realm of men – yes, not even in Nigeria’s national life. This He did by prophetically unveiling His agenda for the nation of Nigeria. His voice came clearly with the message that there would be a loud cry in Nigeria beginning from October 1st 2020 when she celebrated her 60th anniversary.

This message was faithfully conveyed across platforms in the body of Christ in the weeks leading up to the 60th anniversary celebration of Nigeria as an independent African nation.

This I believe was done because Nigeria, doubtless, has a prophetic destiny that tethers her to playing a very strategic role in the end time apostolic conquest of the nations. And, yes, Nigeria, though might not look like it now, is a highly priced asset in God’s war chest for the end time harvest. This Nigeria has to break out of the heavily fractured carapace of all vices that characterise her old self so she can be reborn anew in righteousness.

It’s a great honour for us as Nigerians to be apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, burdened with the mandate to strive for the rebirth of apostolic Christianity in the body of Christ across the nations of the world. Surely, Nigeria is a major revival hub and apostolic bastion for the nations. This is why I believe the fight for her soul is intense.

Now God is not a politician, He is the Governor of the nations – including Nigeria! The recent upheavals rocking the lengths of breadths of Nigeria are not accidental – they are providential. This much we know by the sure mercies of the Lord.

As Christians, we have a dual responsibility:

1. Continually humble ourselves before the Lord in prayer on behalf of the nation Nigeria for a thorough execution of His kingdom and His will within Nigeria as it is in heaven. This means we must give ourselves wholly to effective and continual intercession. This is why I believe prayer walks are strategic. I partook in a prayer walk after ministering at a conference in Uyo last week.

2. Fulfill our civic duties as responsible citizens by obeying the law and doing the needful toward nation building. This is why I believe peaceful protests for just causes are in order.

This is about the imminent, certain birth of the New Nigeria, the pangs of which have begun – far above politics and social engineering.

So, let’s watch, pray and act accordingly without rancour, bitterness, breaking the law or going against constituted authorities. We shall only win by righteousness!

We are not unaware that the gates of hell will always mount resistance but the Lord of Hosts is already at work. Hell is outgunned, outmanned and outmanoeuvred!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have either been injured or killed in the recent spates of nationwide protests and prayer walks. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Lord is with us.

Many blessings.

Your brother,

Arome Osayi.

Image Credit: https://foundationchambers.com/faq/

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