1. Some of them have not help their own work first. How can they help another Persons work. You cant give what you dont have.

2. Some of them are not matured to leave your church and not relate with your members behind you.
This is very immature of any Pastor doing it.
Please Repent. No matter how they love you, never forget who made them know you.

3. Some of them wants to always come for you without ever bringing you to their own altars.
You cant always be the Guest Speaker, one day you must have to be the host Pastor.
Your altar is a no go area for any one, yet your call is that of an Evangelist. You are confused.

4. Some of them wants you to pay base on the amount they raised as though it is a business venture. Genuine men of God dont fix a price tag for the Gospel.
I cant count the number of Pastors we have called to accept whatever was given to them and allow peace to reign.
If what they gave you is very small. What have you given to them before? You may need to host them and return that same amount to them, only then will you appreciate their sacrifice to you.

5. Some of them will leave your Church and start inheriting your leaders as their sons and daughters.
Young people love charisma, Anywhere they see one they start asking to be fathered by you. But you must tell them to go back to their father.
Some times those who are useful to him are still with him, it is the rebel among them that are looking for you.

6. Some of them are not mindful of their Character and lifestyle. So hosting them is inheriting the evil consequences of their damaged Character.
According to Dr Paul Enenche, whoever you agree to Preach for or invite to preach for you, YOU AUTOMATICALLY INHERIT THE EVIL CONSEQUENCE OF THE LIFE THEY HAVE BEEN LIVING WHETHER GOOD OR BAD.

7. Some of them have no word to offer your Congregation Spiritually. There is a way you feed a Congregation and it becomes impossible for them to sit under a minister without the word for the now and for the hour. They have drama without Rhema.

8. Some of them cant function in a meeting without faking and arranging things.
My Brother if God cant use you in a meeting please dont use yourself.
How can you finish a meeting and the next thing is your host start having cases with police.

9. Some of them will return back to the same place to preach for another Pastor without even telling you that they are coming to town.
Some can go as far as starting a new church in that same location.
A Pastor preached for me in the early days of our Ministry and the following week he brought his branch to the same street with our church.
That i made people love you should not make you think they will hate me.

10. Some of them dont understand how to decrease for their host to increase.
At a certain level of Relationship, every Guest Speaker is a John the baptist with a Mandate to present his host as a great man to the congragation.
If you leave a Place and your host appear Small before his congregation, you have failed woefully.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to comment.

Irabor wisdom
Bishop Answers Assembly.
Warri, Delta state. Nigeria.

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