VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 30) – Olumide Fatunsin

Sophia held her hands with tears in her eyes. Ruth stood there watching them until Sophia’s phone rang.

“What! Where?”

Ruth and Stella were surprised to see Sophia’s reaction.

What happened?” Ruth asked her.

Sophia raised her head and said,

“Sunday has disappeared. They didn’t know how and when he fled.”

“Maybe he thought of freeing himself. Remember you told me briefly how he was your guide to the forest.” Ruth opined.

“But that wasn’t our agreement. He hasn’t told us anything about his bosses. He knew a lot and we are ready to extract as much information as we can. I’m surprised he took this unwise step.” Sophia added.

Stella turned to her sister and said,

“There’s no need to worry yourself. I will tell you what you need to know.”

“What?” Sophia demanded.

Ruth signalled to her to allow Stella to speak her mind. Then, a nurse came to inform them the doctor’s decision to let her go. She was given some medicines and told to come back later for checkup. Vincent came later to pick them and they went home. Stella James had already prepared sinner for them and it was a happy reunion. They talked at length without mentioning anything about the incident.

On the following day, they took time to relax and ate to their satisfaction with assorted foods and drinks. Ruth seized the opportunity to remind them of the need to praise and worship God for His awesome power and great deliverance. She first taught them from the Bible the need to always thank God irrespective of their situation and the benefits of returning the glory to God. Sophia, Stella James and Ruth danced and praised God with different songs. However, Sophia had to learn new songs from them. Stella sat there singing along but Vincent was indifferent.

Before they retired to bed that night, Stella James asked Sophia privately if she had informed her sister about the documents and she promised to tell her later.

“We will be leaving for Sierra Leone very soon and want to be sure everything is settled.”

“So soon? Please, we still need your help before leaving.” Sophia pleaded.

Vincent who was beaming with smile joined them and told her the main reason,

“My carbon copy is right inside her tummy…”

“Wow! That’s great. I’m so happy to hear this good news.” Sophia was elated to hear the good news but mixed feeling followed after when she thought of her sister.

Stella teased her husband that their baby would resemble her .Vincent was about to respond when Ruth joined them to share in their joy. Stella sat there feeling remorse as she gazed at the TV. Stella James opened her mouth to tell them the truth,

“We have been in this country for the past six weeks on a mission known to Sophia…”

Stella looked at her sister but she winked at her to be silent. Stella James continued,

“We have been looking for the fruit of the womb since we got married. In fact, my husband had given up because of his belief that the officiating minister during our wedding ceremony was responsible…”

Vincent cut in,

“Let me add, I told her as long as she put her hope in God, nothing will happen. I strongly believe God was behind our problem…”

Stella James continued,

“We made up our minds to leave everything aside to obey my father’s final request to come to Nigeria. We came with one goal to find the man but met other things on ground. As for me, my earnest desire is to bring joy to the man’s family. Let me tell you what happened when my father told me about his intention. After he revealed his mind to me, part of me kicked against it as I had wanted to take everything. It was a Bible verse which says it is more blessed to give than to receive that I read some days after that melted my heart. I followed my husband down here with that mindset to give my all without any reservations.”

“I remembered how my wife cried out to God to intervene but I taunted her. She couldn’t follow us to the forest because of strange feelings in her body. We didn’t know nature has done it.” Vincent declared.

“No, it isn’t nature. Only God did it my dear. God alone is to be praised! Who could ever believe that I would conceive on a mission to put smile on a family I haven’t met before?” Stella replied.

“When you try to put others’ happiness ahead of you, God has a way of surprising His own with miracles. Ma’am, this is Indeed God’s own way of thanking you for risking your life to help Sophia.” Ruth said joyfully.

Stella who had been following their discussion asked her sister,

“What’s happening? Which document are you talking about? Have you seen them before? Please, throw more light…”

Without mincing words, she replied,

“Can you throw more light on who was responsible for your pregnancy? Answer me first.”

Ruth tried to caution her but she insisted she wouldn’t say anything until she revealed everything about her pregnancy and the text messages of Mr sponsor in her phone. Stella’s teary eyes brought out the sisterly emotion from Sophia who couldn’t control her emotion too. She sat beside her sister and asked patiently,

“Stella, tell me the truth. Who was responsible? I promise to stand with you.”

Stella wiped her face and began to confess,

“I was alone in…”

To be continued in Episode 31.

Olumide Fatunsin

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