REGULATE WHAT YOU HEAR – Bishop Isaac Idahosa

It is not all information that are healthy, quite some are injurious.

Don’t give heed to everything that is said because in the process you may hear injurious things from unexpected source.

“Take no heed to all words that are spoken; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee.” – Eccl.7:21

Reaction to the present status is what create the future.

There is always a place called there and without a departure from “here” there cannot be an arrival “there”.

If reaching there is your desire then reaction to “here” is the demand.

Reaction is key to change of position.

It takes reaction against opposition to arrive at your next position.

You must strive and drive hard to thrive high.

How hard you drive determines how high you will soar.

Appreciate where you have reached but don’t like where you are.

Never be attached, be part nor be satisfied with where you are but be detached, de part and dissatisfied, that is the only way to move forward.

Always measure your potentials with your result and you will suddenly discovered that you haven’t done much.#everydayisaplus!

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