YOUR PREPARATION IS NOT IN VAIN!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


I once read this story from Bishop Francis Wale Oke. It’s a story that inspires really and I believe that it will help and spur someone this morning. Baba wrote:

It was in 1979 that God supernaturally launched me into nation-wide ministry. I was still a student in the University of Lagos, and a member of the Lagos Varsity Christian Union. Our Fellowship meetings used to hold every Sunday afternoon at 2p.m and we were used to having notable men of God come to address us.

That particular weekend, a Leadership Conference of our National Christian Body NIFES – Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students – was holding on our campus and leaders of Christian Fellowships from all the University campuses in Nigeria were in attendance.

On Saturday, the Holy Spirit spoke to me early in the morning not to go out of my room but spend the whole day fasting and praising the Lord. I did not know why but I obeyed. I was used to fasting and praying but I had never spent a whole day fasting and praising the Lord before. This day I did and it was extremely refreshing. In the evening I had a shower and broke my fast.

The following day was Sunday. Our campus fellowship (about 800 students strong) was expecting a prominent man of God, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi to address us at 2p.m. The Student Christian leaders from the other campuses were to be in attendance as that was the final session of the Conference.

Fellowship started as scheduled. About the time the speaker was to mount the pulpit, our Fellowship President, Brother Anthony Nwokafor, called me aside and said: “Bro, we cannot see Brother Kumuyi (as we called him then), why don’t you as our Bible Study Secretary bring us a short word from the Lord and we shall close the meeting”, he concluded. “Bro Tony”, I replied, “just give me about fifteen minutes out somewhere and I will be right back”.

As I went to another lecture theatre and started to pray, the Holy Spirit said: “I prepared you for this yesterday. Go give them the message I gave you”. I went back to the main auditorium and preached from Revelation 2:1-5. The impact was shocking. Many were weeping. People were saved. Several rededicated their lives to the Lord. The meeting closed on a note of glory!

Within one month from there, I got invitations from almost all campus fellowships across Nigeria, asking me to come and preach the word of the Lord. And so, I was launched into a national ministry that has been growing in impact since then. I can never be grateful to God enough. It all started by staying alone in the presence of God.

Culled From The Book, “ALONE WITH GOD” by Francis Wale Oke
Pages 76 and 77 Revised Edition.


Your preparation is never in vain. YOUR SECRET PREPARATION TODAY WILL BECOME AN OPEN MANIFESTATION TOMORROW. Therefore keep labouring and keep sowing the good seeds.

That revelation the Lord is cooking in your spirit today will go global very soon. Follow God’s instructions to you even if you don’t fully understand them now. That’s the faith life!

Bishop later became the President of the Fellowship, and today, the rest is history. His name rings bell all over the world to the Glory of our God alone but it started by obeying a divine instruction.

The message the Lord gave him when he was simply fasting and praising the Lord was entitled, “RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE” and that was the same word he gave the following day with massive impact and a launching forth into the national scene.

Friend, there are defining moments in one’s life and journey into destiny, may you not miss yours in Jesus’ Name. May you be sensitive to divine opportunities when they beckon.

Don’t give up Sir and Ma. The future is bright. Remember, IT DOESN’T TAKE TIME; IT TAKES GOD. The Holy Spirit spoke these words to my heart to tell you friend, “YOUR PREPARATION IS NOT IN VAIN”.

I really hope this is a blessing?



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